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‘We’ll Plant 1 Tree For Every Pet Picture on Instagram Trend


Who Is Actually Planting The Trees From The Instagram: ‘We’ll Plant 1 Tree For Every Pet Picture on Instagram Trend: If you are swiping through your Instagram story feed now, you will be seeing pictures of people who are posting photos with their pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and fish and they have given the post the caption “We will plant one tree for every pet picture”. It is not specified as of yet as to who is “we” referring towards. Since the trend has gone viral on the internet, it has been claimed by the Organisation Plant A tree Co, they are the ones claiming to be the one for starting the beneficial cause or campaign, the group has posted an Instagram story claiming that Instagram is not giving them the credit. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Actually Planting The Trees From The Instagram

Who Is Actually Planting The Trees From The Instagram?

They are also encouraging the users to contact the social media giant in order to fix the bug, the page which is on Instagram is claiming to raise $1.3 Million for the tree planting after they admitted to the trend was getting out of control, was stated by the group, they never thought that the movement is going to become this big and they also shared that they don’t have the resources to plant so many trees.

‘We’ll Plant 1 Tree For Every Pet Picture on Instagram Trend

There is an Instagram creator named Tech Muster, he has posted a video yesterday as he was showing the users to find the “Add Yours” sticker into their accounts since this happened, the India based Tech Muster, his real name is Naveen, is being asked the question as to how he is going to plant Three Million trees. He stated in one of the posts, he has been messaging people to tell them that he is not behind this movement and this has been started by an organization but they have also deleted the post later so they cannot find out as to who has started this trend. there are people who have added their own pictures to the chain that exceeded 571,000 and today it has grown to five million.

Company’s Perspective

This means, The Plant A Tree Co Group are going to be needing to go to the nursery for millions of seedlings and they need to source a very large parcel of land, has been stated by the organization that the movement has exceeded their expectation and it is going to be difficult for them to plant so many trees with the resources which they have as of this point in time. It is going to be known in the coming days and weeks if they are going to manage to plant these many trees.

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