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What Are Pop Sockets? Why should you consider buying one?


There has been a dramatic change in the smartphone market. It has led to a new market for phone accessories. Popsockets have become a fashion statement. Stylish back covers and personalized phone cases are in demand. The market has grown rapidly as people love changing the appearance of their smartphones.

What are pop sockets? Why should you consider buying one?

Popsocket is a cool device for adding oomph to your mobile. Google Pop sockets online to find a variety of designs for boys and girls.

Popsockets solve three main problems associated with smartphones. A popsocket gives you a much better grasp to hold your phone and make selfies effortless with one hand. Popsockets also emerge as a kickstand for your phone. It is handy while playing games, watching movies, content reading, e-books, etc. Many people also use it for wrapping earphones on popsockets to keep them untangled.

What is a Popsocket? Are they Reusable?

A popsocket looks like a knob or a small round plastic circle that sticks to the back of a smartphone typically applied on phone cases. It has been very popular among Hollywood celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Michael Phelps, etc.

Popsockets are customizable. For example, Emoji popsockets, Popsockets with name, Inspired popsockets from Marvel, Pokémon, and you can also customize them from the companies selling customized phone cases.

It is easy to install or remove popsockets. They consist of an adhesive disc and a PopTop. It is a bit difficult to remove the adhesive disc, but the upper portion can be easily removed. Make sure your Popsocket is pressed back and then removed. Peel it slowly. You can use a dental floss or credit card for separating the disc.

Popsocket: Reasons to Consider Buying On:

Although popsockets seem like they only have one function, which is better grip, they have several. The primary purpose of a popsocket is to make a smartphone more convenient. Here is the list of why you should consider buying a Popsocket. If you don’t have one, get it because you are missing all the fun:

Popsockets are imperative when you have metal body phones or metal phone cases. They are slippery and tend to fall off from palms. If you carry a large phone, you should opt for two popsockets attached on both sides so the phone case. It will be much easier for you to use your large screen devices. If you have small phones, one popsocket is enough. By slipping two fingers in a popsocket, you can hold the device comfortably.

  • For Picture Perfect Selfies:

You can easily hold your phone with one hand when you have a better grip. We take selfies with one hand from a distance. A popsocket helps you reach the shutter button easily. Also, you can try different angle selfies for your Instagram and Facebook. No need to juggle for a perfect selfie more.

  • Make it A Stand For Binge Watches:

Do you like watching movies and web series on your phones or tablets? Popsockets count as a stable foundation for your me-time moments. Watch movies without holding your phone for hours. To make a stand for it, attach two popsockets. Now you have the freedom to use your phone in landscape orientation. As a stand, one pop socket in the center is sufficient for small smartphones. In tablets, you need two popsockets for stability: one at the top and one at the bottom.

You should add a popsocket to your metal body phone if it slips off from your hands frequently. These make it handy and secure. They are made from durable polycarbonate material.

We still prefer wired headphone jacks over wireless ear pods. These are secured but has a tangling issue associated. Popsockets come to the rescue. Attach a popsocket upward and one down. When you are not using the phone wrap, your earphone on these two Popsockets. It will prevent them from tangling whenever you pull them out from your bag.

Car Vent Mount product is launched recently in the market. It is attached to the popsocket, and you can use it to commute much safer. This way you can navigate through Google Maps better.

Wrap Up:

Some people feel that popsockets are of no use. But they are worth owning. They are affordable, and you will not regret buying them. We hope you agree with this fact.

Popsockets are life changers. Popsockets set the example of a small packet big bang. These small accessory adds fun and makes life easier.

What do you think about popsockets? Are you buying these budget-friendly devices now? Let us know why you love popsockets?

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