What Happened In The Road Accident At Kolkata Where TMC Leader Ram Pyare Ram’s Son Was Killed

What Happened In The Road Accident At Kolkata Where TMC Leader Ram Pyare Ram’s Son Was Killed: Trinamool Congress Party’s popular leader Ram Pyare Ram’s son has recently passed away in a brutal and tragic road accident. According to the reports from the police officials the tragic and deadly accident happened in the Kidderpore area.

TMC Leader Ram Pyare Ram's Son Killed in Road Accident in Kolkata


The news about the TMC leader’s son’s tragic and unfortunate passing away was confirmed by the reports from the police officials. The reports claimed that this deadly accident happened on Saturday around 8:40 pm. The reports have further claimed that the deceased leader’s son Ram Kinkar Ram was traveling in his sedan when a truck came from the opposite direction and they collided. Reports also claimed that this happened while he was traveling through the Babubazar area.

The reports from the police officials stated that the incident was very brutal and tragic that Ram Kinkar Ram couldn’t survive and passed away on the spot. Police reports have claimed that he was brought dead to the nearby hospital. The truck driver and the cleaner are absconding. Police officials have claimed that the search operation is currently going on to track down the truck driver and the cleaner. The police officials stated that the accident was very tragic and devastating. Reports stated that the car was very badly collided with the truck.

Reports further continued and stated that they used Gas cutters to cut the metal of the car, to take the deceased body of Ram Kinkar Ram from the car. The police officials also claimed that it was very harrowing and heart-wrenching to see him in that brutal and tragic situation. Ram Kinkar Ram was 38 years old at the time this deadly and tragic accident happened with him. The police officials have stated that the investigation of this case has been kickstarted and the suspects will be arrested soon. They have assured to find the culprit behind this tragic and brutal felony. This deadly accident has been very tragic and shattering for everyone.

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