What Happened To Bobby Lashley? WWE Superstar Gets Injured Video Explained

American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist Franklin Roberto Lashley who is prominently known by his stage or ring name Bobby Lashley recently got injured heavily post which plenty of rumors are taking place on the internet claiming that Bobby Lashley can be out from the game at least for around 4 months. Well, no doubt that it is being searched that what happened to him and why Bobby Lashley can be out from the scene.

What Happened To Bobby Lashley? WWE Superstar Gets Injured Video Explained

As per the sources Bobby Lashley is suffering from a massive shoulder injury and could be out of action for a while. Lashley got injured at the Royal Rumble while he was playing against Brock Lesnar. Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide from The Ringer Wrestling Show said in a statement. He even said that “I have it under good authority that Bobby Lashley is shoot hurt and has been hurt since the Rumble match,” However no more update has come so far on his health but we are trying at our best to get all the latest updates on his health so that we will keep our readers updated.

What Happened To Bobby Lashley?

Born on July 16, 1976, in Junction City, Kansas, the U.S. the 45 years old American professional wrestler, and mixed martial artist is currently going under medical treatment where it seems like that soon he will recover and will be appearing in the ring where his presence will again force everyone to scream happily and blow the whistle on his entry. He has also served as a militant in United States Army as Sergeant for 3 years.

“I have under great power that Lashley is shoot harmed and has been harmed since the Rumble match. Assuming you’ve seen, he hasn’t worked any Raws. He hasn’t actually safeguarded his title. He was shot harmed at the Lesnar match at the Rumble,” Famuyide said, as per Wrestling Inc.

Bobby Lashley has even appeared in four movies such as The Way of War where he played the role of Tattooed Hispanic Man, Beatdown as Lucius, Blood Out as Hector, and Walk-ins Welcome as Felix. On the internet, it is also being searched that how did he got injured and also looking for the viral clip. Well, stay tuned with us to get the complete update and also his health update.

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