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What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry, Autopsy Images Complete Story Explored!


The experience was extremely upsetting & depressing. A 12-year-old kid is slain by a 16-year-old kid. Yeah, we are discussing a 2007 homicide case wherein 2 adolescents were implicated, one of them died. An ancient murder trial is making news once more and garnering a lot of interest from the internet. So this whole thing has already been making the rounds on social media, and many are curious as to what transpired in 2007. The homicide system is pending being re-examined.

What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

This entire episode occurred as a result of a play called “Tibia”. This all took place at Blumenau, Brasil. Gabriel Kuhn, 12, was slain by Daniel Patry, 16, after being tormented & bullied. Along with his inquiry, it was discovered that Dan was already an angry child, and his family had told him to take mental appointments, which he chose not to attend but then also skipped school. According to other stories, Daniel killed Gabriel over cash since Gabriel stole money through Daniel to spend inside the sport but even then failed to refund him again.

Where Are Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry?

Daniel became enraged & contacted his mom to inquire about when she will return. His mom had been at Nova Trento about 9 p.m. the day of the incident. He then used to stay at home, when he began to play Tibia, an internet position game in which they met Gabriel, a neighborhood youngster. Gabe, on either hand, would not repay the amount and barred him from the online connections. Gabe recently begged Dan for 20,000 Tibia virtual money. Daniel consented to lend him money on the proviso that he repay it as quickly as possible.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Latest News, Wikipedia Biography Age

Gabe again blackmailed Daniel, saying that will divulge a few of his dark secrets, which enraged Dan, so he put a string over Gabriel’s throat. Afterward, he went to Gabe’s house and rang the doorbell, however, Gabe won’t open it. Gabe opened a door, trusting what he had said. e He walked into the home & close the door. He was drenched in blood afterward when, and Dan burst into laughter. Danny told daniel that even if he apologized to them, everything was ok. He became enraged and began hitting Gabriel. He viciously attacked him.

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