What Happened To Ian Gibbons At Theranos? Death In Real Life

The Dropout: What Happened To Ian Gibbons At Theranos? Death In Real Life: If you are one of those who loves to watch real-based events documentaries and films then this article will surely help you the provide the information of such series. “The Dropout” the limited series of Hulu tells the true tale of the fraudulent Silicon Valley biotech businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes and the harmful consequences of her lies, which include the death of Theranos chief scientist Ian Gibbons. Played by The Hobbit’s Stephen Fry in The Dropout, Gibbons was a prestigious, accomplished, well-respected, and Cambridge-educated British biochemist. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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What Happened To Ian Gibbons At Theranos?

He became one of the first people hired by the young and enormously ambitious Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes (role played by Amanda Seyfried) in the year 2005 and continued to work for Holmes until his untimely demise in the year 2013. As featured in The Dropout, Ian Gibbons was a well-like pal and co-worker seemingly known for his kindness, geniality, and honesty.

At initial, he truly believed that the company of Holmes Theranos could fulfill its promises of changing the world and revolutionizing the health care industry by making it more accessible and affordable. However, he worked actively for years to make the vision of Holmes (a potentially life-saving diagnostic machine that would only need a pinprick of blood) into a reality, it seemingly became clear to Gibbons that the technology of Theranos was not working and that Holmes was selling it anyway.

Ian Gibbons Theranos Death

Resolute to emulate the success of her idol, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Holmes was barreling ahead with investors, trials, and funding for the blood-testing Edison machine of Theranos, in the spite of the fact that they were not able to make the product work. As a directing scientist at the firm, Gibbons was deeply disrupted by the lies Holmes was peddling. He was particularly alarmed when he get to know that Holmes was gearing up to implement the device at “Wellness Centers” in a new partnership with Walgreens, knowing that results would be inaccurate, if not entirely fabricated using opposition technology.

Gibbons voiced his concerns to Holmes, but they want unheeded. He was even shortly fired, as viewed in The Dropout, only to be brought back a few hours later to keep him from disclosing the sensitive information of the company. Between pressure from Holmes and a subpoena from Richard Fuisz (Shameless’ William H. Macy) that would need him to testify or risk violating his Theranos NDA, Gibbons was thoroughly distraught.


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