What Happened to Russ T Nailz? Emmy-Award winning comedian Passed away at 64

Russ T Nailz, 64, a San Diego comedian and television host, passed away on March 9. Multi-Emmy Award-winning comedian, he was also a renowned stand-up comedian. Fans and followers took to social media to pay their condolences.

Russ T Nailz dies at the age of 64

Russ T Nailz, was a well-known San Diego comedian and host. On March 9 , Russ T Nailz, 64, died in San Diego. Nailz, born Russ Stolnack, entertained audiences in San Diego and Las Vegas for decades. On stage, Nailz is famous for imitating the character Ron Burgundy. Actor Will Ferrell played the role of the same character in the Anchorman series, as well as for his musical stylings on stage.

Stolnack provided San Diegans with comic relief throughout his career. In addition to hosting morning shows on local stations like 91X and they considered him a local legend. Nailz was a regular on the San Diego radio station 91X and on KUSI-TV as an auctioneer. In the late 70s, Russ T Nailz entered the world of comedy and continually fine-tuned his comedic timing and classic routines.

His role as a comedian was an essential component of AuctionHelp.com’s live auction service. The National Speakers Association Comedy Idol Contest was among his accomplishments. He also won several regional Emmys and a Cable Ace Award. Additionally to his radio appearances, he was a regular on FOX Business Channel and ESPN CBS. Nailz hosted the money talk show The Big Show, which aired on TV and radio.

According to CBS8, Russ’ former co-host Chris Cantore said he was actively involved in San Diego’s community since he moved there in the 1980s. Moreover, Cantore said that the comedian dedicated a great deal of time to non-profits, charities, and community work. The YouTube reel of Russ’s music includes renditions of songs by Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and others. As an independent musician, he also performed regularly. His last YouTube video posted in January 2022 was a lively rendition of Bobby Darin’s 1959 hit Dream Lover.

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