What Happened To Serenity McKinney? Missing Girl Dead Body Found Mom Charged With Murder

The murder mystery of a 4 years old Serenity Mckinney took a horrendous turn that will make your blood run cold. According to the reports the 4years old little girl’s dead body went missing that has recently discovered in Kentucky. The entire is surfacing all over the Internet ever since the body of the little girl has been found. The girl named Serenity McKinney went missing from the 2020 Christmas. Her household then reported a complaint a month later in January. The matriarch of the house also broke the relationship with the family at the time. Get more information on Serenity McKinney dead body found.

What Happened To Serenity McKinney? Missing Girl Dead Body Found Mom Charged With Murder

Serenity’s mother’s name is Catherine Mckinney also known as ‘Abby’ have been been found as the prime suspect in the murder of her daughter. The woman has been charged for killing her daughter and abusing her corpse along with her boyfriend named Dakota Hill also accused of the same charges. The information has been released by law enforcement officials to one of the significant sources of media. This news has shocked all the people who have learnt about it.

What Happened To Serenity McKinney?

On behalf of the further reports, a Kentucky state trooper named Scotty Sharp also disclosed that usually, the dead body abuse happened when it has been transferred or tried to hide by the culprits or meddled but there are still some things to be found out in the case so far. In addition to this, the corpse resembling Serenity body was found in a wooded area located near the Jefferson County-Bullitt County Line.

The trooper further appreciates the rapid work and fine collaboration of the officers along with the Shelby County Sheriff’s office. As of now, both of the accused have been taken into police custody. The police officers said that the police has started their investigation and begin the interrogation. It has been informed that both of them weren’t cooperating while getting questioned by the officials and were also eloped after an arrest warrant was issued in their name.

But police officers chase the duo and took them down at Thomas County, Kansas, earlier this month and proceed for the investigation. The woman was living along with her boyfriend together accompanied by another pair from July 2021 to September of the same year. We will get back to you with additional information on the case till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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