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What Happened With Alicia Witt Parents Found Dead Diane Witt & Robert Witt Cause Of Death


The parents of the popular actor Alicia Witt has been reportedly died in mysterious circumstances. Diane Witt, Aged 75 and Robert Witt, aged 87, Alicia Witt’s parents, have been found dead at their home in Massachusetts. The saddening piece of news has shocked the actress’ fans who are now paying the deceased heartfelt tributes on social media. However, it has also been discussed that what happened to Alicia’s mother and father, that took their lives all of a sudden. Netizens are searching for their cause of death and how did they die. Here is what know so far.

alicia witt parents

As per sources, Diane and Robert Witt died on Monday, December 20, 2021. Their dead bodies were discovered at their own residence in Worcester, Massachusetts. One of their relatives saw their lifeless body first and then it was shared with others. It is also coming forward that the ‘Dune’ actor was worried about her parents as she had not heard from them for a very long time.

Alicia Witt Parents Diane & Robert Death Reason

The actress asked her cousin to do a wellness check on them and to update if they are doing fine or not. Unfortunately, the outcome was something that Alicia had not even imagined. After the disheartening news came to light, the 46-year-old actress told Worcester’s Telegram and Gazette that she needs some privacy as she is shattered after learning about their sudden demise. She said that at this time, she needs to grieve and needs to wrap her head around the shocking turn of events.

As Alicia Witt died in a mysterious way, the police have started their investigation in the case and trying to find out their cause of death. So far, it is reported that their death shows no signs of foul play. Some reports are also claiming that the deceased couple had been facing furnace problems. It has come forward that Diane Witt and Robert Witt were using a space heater. It is being speculated that they could have died of the presence of carbon monoxide in the home.

However, Worcester Fire Deputy Chief Adam Roche stated that they did not find any sign of the dangerous gas at the couple’s residence. Besides, the fire department also checked the entire building thoroughly but they could not find any abnormal readings. Now, their dead bodies will go for autopsy and after that, the medical examiner will determine what caused their death. We pray for their pure souls!

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