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What Is Tiktok School Bomb/ Shooting Threat December 17 Circulating On Social Media


Once again, Chicago is remaining the hot potato on social media as recently a viral incident is spotted, but this time the case is a bit different than others. A threat of bombings & Shooting at every school in the US is surfacing on social networking sites Like Tiktok , hence the concerned department of Chicago which handles the security has responded along with schools. But now everyone is keen to get the comprehensive details behind the incident or viral news, because it seems something is fishy which is inappropriate enough, so below you can get which you need to know.

Tiktok school threat december 17

As per the exclusive reports, a strange post is being circulated on social media by plenty of users which is raising awareness about the threats & encouraging the students to stay home and stay safe. Because maybe the circumstances have overturned which is containing the worst consequences for anyone, so, please stay with him and do not come as long as you get an urgency. Because the threat which is surfacing on social media is indicating that the bombings and shootings will take place at schools across the United States on Friday, the news has created an atmosphere of terror among everyone.

It is being reported, that Chicago Public School has shared a statement officially, in which they wrote that ” They are taking the threat significantly seriously and are doing their best along with Chicago Police Department. Something similar has been conferred by the Illinois largest district, where they said that the matter is requiring more concern because a post id claiming that tragedy will take place on 17th December, so they will have to make sure that security should be strict enough, so that, no serious thing could spot as every life matters a lot and precious enough.

Amidst the circumstances, District 207 in the northwest suburbs shared a statement through which, they mentioned that Des Plaines Police and Park Ridge Police department are aware of the message as well. Later, both have shared a statement that the threat is not credible enough, further they mentioned that the posts have been shared by an anonymous face to create the violent circumstance among the dedication system and addressed it as baseless which does not have any proof and advice to ignore it. So we have conferred such details which have been derived from the other sources, so whenever something comes we will update you.

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