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What Is TikTok Teen On The Couch Viral Video Twitter Reddit Explained! Who Is Couch Guy?


Social media witnesses plenty of videos going viral every day. Be it TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, not a day goes by when we don’t see some videos trending online. Well, we are talking about one such trending topic which has taken the internet by storm. Recently, the internet has gotten filled with searches related to Teen on the Couch. Netizens are curious to know what does it mean and why it has been trending on social media. Here’s everything we know about the viral video. Check the article below.

TikTok teen on couch guy

A video has been circulated on the internet which is gaining a lot of attention from the netizens. With the title “Teen on the Couch”, the viral video features a girl who visits her boyfriend’s place to surprise him. As it was a surprise, the boy or the teen had no idea that his girlfriend could come to his place anytime. Unaware of the surprise, the boy was chilling with his three female friends on a couch. Soon, the door opens and the girl enters the room and gets surprised seeing the guy with the girls there.

Now, the said video has caught the netizens’ attention who are curious about the matter along with the pair too. Well, as per reports, the video was shared by a girl named Lauren Zarras on TikTok. The girl happens to be a teen college student. In the viral clip, it is shown that the said girl surprises her boyfriend with whom she is in a long-distance relationship. The girl’s boyfriend’s name is reported to be “Robbie”. Instead of surprising her boyfriend, the girl gets surprised. As the clip surfaced on the internet, netizens have been claiming that the boy is cheating on Lauren with those girls and that he does not deserve her.

Besides, the boy after seeing his girlfriend after a long time shows no sign of happiness or excitement and continues to sit on the couch. However, it can not be confirmed if the boy was actually cheating on that teen girl or not. After the video went viral, some other videos featuring the couple has also come to light. In one clip, it is seen that the pair is dancing where the girl seems to enjoy the dancing, the boy looks awkward. It can be said that the boy is just awkward and doesn’t know how to express himself. Teen on the Couch viral TikTok video has become the topic of debate.

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