What Was Arturo Vargas Betancourt Cause of Death? What Happened to Arturo Vargas Betancourt Death – Obituary

It is saddened to hear the passing of the beloved president of PRODAVIC (Program For The Growth of Audiovisual Inventive Industries), Arturo Vargas. Yes, Arturo Vargas has passed away 44, as per the sources. The cause of his death has not been revealed yet but the sources are believing that he died suddenly.

What Was Arturo Vargas Betancourt Cause of Death

Today, he had become a subject of massive discussion among the people but unfortunately, the beloved mayor of the Hato Movie Competition has gone from this world and left memories behind. The whole family is suffering from heartbreaking moments after learning the sudden passing of their dearest family member.

How Did Arturo Vargas Betancourt Die?

We can’t understand the pain of Arturo’s family but can pray for Arturo’s soul to be granted heaven. He was a great man and a great soul who has gone from this world too soon. After the news of his passing went viral on social media, everyone started to search about him and expressed their condolence over his death.

His passing was upsetting news for millions of people around the world. There is no update regarding the cause of his death but the sources are believing that Arturo was suffering from fatal disease complications and he was under treatment but unfortunately, his health got deteriorated enough and he closed his eyes on January 6, 2022.

Who Was Arturo Vargas Betancourt?

According to the sources, Arturo Vargas was born on October 25, 1977 in Hato Mayor del Rey, Dominican Republic. He was the mayor of the Hato Movie Competition and the president of PRODAVIC (Program for the Growth of Audiovisual Investive Industries). He completed his graduation from the same place where he used to stay while studying of the Latin American Bible School & Board member of BILD Biblical Institute for Management Growth.

Later, Arturo got married with Rosanny Salas and the couple was blessed with two baby boy named Arthus Isai and Simon Isaias. Much information is not available on social media but he was served for almost 15 years as a Director of the Dominican Republic Mission Foundation of the WorldWide Mission organization Meeta God.

At this time, we can’t confirm the news of his passing but several posts and tweets are believing that he has gone from this world.

In the release of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, the viewers got to see Arturo Vargas and people keen to know about him through social media. Let us tell you that he was not the cast of the show. He will be always remembered by his family and friends.

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