What Was Yosanth Jegatheeswaran Cause Of Death? What Happened To Prasanthy Aruchunan?

Yosanth Jegatheeswaran Death Reason

Yosanth Jegatheeswaran Death Reason

He was wearing a black jacket. And dark black sneakers. He was driving a Gray Toyota Camry. The number on the license plate was CFMK 918. The female individual is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. She has brown eyes and black hair. She was last spotted with him. Investigators are currently searching for both as a missing complaint was logged. They have distributed their photos and details are all over the city. National nationality, or for both. The individual that’s still unknown.

What Happened To Yosanth Jegatheeswaran & Prasanthy Aruchunan?

But some humans are suggesting that the couple is from Sri Lanka. A lot of news sources are also saying that both of them are dead. But there has been no verification or confirmation by the local authorities. They are simply missing for now. We don’t have any information on both of them. Family members have not commented anything on the case, so but they’re still worried for their family members. We don’t have any education details on both of them.

Yosanth Jegatheeswaran Funeral Obituary News

Some initial theories are suggesting that both of them were kidnapped. We don’t have any residence information. We don’t know about the relationship status of both individuals. The profession is also unknown. We don’t know why they came to New York. What was their purpose? Police are saying that they will find both of them soon and all the facts will be revealed.

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