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Where Is Francisco Starks? Kentucky Inmate Missing From Hospital After Surviving Tornado


Recently, Illinois became the witness of great devastation as the fatal tornado surrounded the entire area in its grip, and several have lost their precious lives. Even a few have lost immediately because the tornado was extreme enough, and created such a horrific sound, as the victims have shared their statements. But this time, the headlines have been grabbed by Francisco Starks, who is missing since the natural disaster occurred. Those who know him have given their testimony already, that he was an inmate injured, many others have lost their lives as well.

Where Is Francisco Starks? Kentucky Inmate Missing From Hospital After Surviving Tornado

As per the exclusive reports or sources, approximately 110 people got stuck in the rubble, but a 44-years-old jail detainee from Kentucky is reportedly was rescued from the factory that has been collapsed due to a deadly tornado. He was working in the Candle factory when spontaneously winds took the worst face and converted it into a natural disaster, and became the cause of many departures, which was unexpected enough. Even a police officer Robert Daniel also found dead when the concerned department, took place after a tragic tornado, as many buildings also got devastated and blocked the area, some pictures of the place also got viral.

What Happened To Francisco Starks?

It is being reported, that Seven detainees who were working at the Kentucky Cande Factory were injured due to a tornado, as the circumstances got overturned in such a manner, that created the worst consequences for them. Later, these prisoners were brought to the hospital so that, they can get the appropriate cure and their injuries could also heal. But amidst this situation, a detainee called Francisco Stark is missing who flee from the hospital. Hence, the concerned department is searching for him so that, they can take him into custody again.

The concerned department has released a statement, in which they said that they got informed at 05:00 PM about the detainee’s disappearance on Saturday. Due to disaster, an Amazon worker also lost his life even his family also shared a statement that they are going through a great shock as he has lost his life while saving others. Because when he was trying to save other the entire roof fell down on him which became the major cause of his departure. As soon as the time is passing many reports are coming to the fore because the investigation is going on, so when something comes ahead we will update you.

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