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Which is the Best Term Insurance Plan for you?


Term insurance is the simplest and most cost-effective type of life insurance that is available for a specific duration of time. Term insurance aims to offer financial protection to the policyholder and/or dependent in the event of a catastrophic occurrence in exchange for continuous premium payments. You may rest confident that your wife and dependents will be economically secure even if you are not present when you purchase term insurance. This assists your family with meeting future demands such as further education, wedding, homeownership, and so on. 

policy document to ensure that you understand which types of fatalities are not covered by your term insurance

A term plan is a straightforward and straightforward type of insurance. In this coverage, the insurance provider offers a death benefit to the insured’s spouse and kids in the event of the insured’s early demise within the stipulated term. Term insurance is quite affordable and offers much-needed financial protection to dependents in the event of the insured’s death. The term plan is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its numerous benefits. Aditya Birla SunLife Insurance offers comprehensive life insurance coverage, staying true to its primary goal of protecting your family’s future life.

What are the Best Term Plans in India? 

Term plans are offered in the market by a variety of insurance firms in India. These firms provide both offline and online term life insurance. Each term policy includes its own unique combination of characteristics that make it the most acceptable term insurance plan in the marketplace. To fully comprehend these term plans, we must examine them in further detail.

Critical Illness Cover

Together with the advantage of life insurance, this term plan includes critical illness insurance, which pays out if the life insured is diagnosed with any of the 34 particular critical diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, renal failure, and so on.

Standard Term Insurance Plan

A conventional term life coverage plan is one in which the insured individual receives protection against a variety of risks in exchange for the payment of a set term life insurance premium amount. The most popular term insurance policy, and typically regarded as the finest term insurance policy, is one that levies a yearly payment for annual coverage.

Accidental Death Cover

The recipient of the insurance gets life cover, as well as the benefit of accidental death cover in the event of the life, assured accidental death within the policy duration.

Level Term Plan

The level term plan is one of the simplest forms of term plans since the sum guaranteed remains constant during the policy period, and the payments are given to the recipient upon the policyholder’s death. The level term plan is widely accessible in India and is provided by a variety of insurance firms. The younger you are while purchasing this form of term life insurance coverage, the lower your premiums will be.

Group Term Insurance Plan

Group term insurance is a type of term insurance developed explicitly for corporations, companies, organizations, associations, or prominent families. It offers term insurance coverage for all members of the group. These plans give the same benefits as an individual term plan, but the total coverage is often more significant in terms of diseases or other things that are usually excluded in individual policies. The majority of these term plans are offline since each insurance is often tailored to the group’s needs purchasing the coverage.

Term Return of Premium (TROP) Plan

A Term Return of Premium (TROP) Plan is a term plan that recovers the money paid for the coverage if the covered person survives the policy period. These term plans are growing widely common since the policyholder receives the amount deposited in the term insurance policy after the policy term. These term insurance contracts also allow the insured to tack on riders that they believe are necessary. These riders, like any other normal term insurance policy, increase the premium of such a term plan.

Decreasing Term Plan

This is a renewable term plan in which the policy’s amount assured reduces by a predetermined percentage each year throughout the duration of the policy. These insurance are commonly sold as mortgage clearance plans. To pay off debts and loans, a decreasing term plan is used. In the event of the insured person’s death, the available sum guaranteed is used for the loan repayment. The premium rate for decreasing term plans is lower than the premium rate for standard term policies. This term insurance policy gives financial protection to the insured’s family as well as tax exemption at a low premium cost.

Increasing Term Plan

Throughout the renewable term insurance plan’s duration, both the coverage and the term life insurance premium rise. This term plan serves to protect against the danger of growing inflation expenses, which may influence the real value of the death benefits received by the insured individual’s family. The coverage under these term insurance plans grows at a predetermined pace and continues to grow until the total value of the cover equals 1.5 times the original cover. 

Convertible Term Plan

Some insurance firms in India commonly provide this form of term insurance coverage. As the name implies, the main benefit of purchasing a term insurance plan is that you can choose to convert the plan into another plan in the future and choose a date. For example, if you took a term insurance plan for 25 years and then decided after five years to change it to another plan, such as an endowment plan or another plan, you can do so.

Offline and Online Term Plan

Offline term plans are offered in conventional ways, such as by an insurance agent or a branch, whereas online term plans are those that are marketed via the web. Term insurance companies offer an online term plan at a substantially lower cost than an offline plan. The fundamental cause for this is the absence of any middlemen among the insured and the insurance provider, such as an agent or a branch. 

Single Life and Joint Life Term Insurance Plan

A combined term insurance policy is less expensive than two individual term insurance policies. Furthermore, the characteristics and perks stay the same, guaranteeing that both members reap the same perks from the plan. These plans are great for a couple with children since they assure that their children would not have to be concerned about their existence if both parents die. A combined term insurance plan is the most excellent option since it includes insurance coverage for the wife.

The Best Term Insurance Plans in India

Some of the companies from which you can buy the Term Plan include:

Regular Term Plans:

Best Term Insurance Plan Policy Term Entry Age Cover Amount
Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance DigiShield Plan 60 years 18 years Option 1 to 10 except 8 No limits starting from Rs.30 lacs.

Option 8, minimum Rs.1 lacs and maximum Rs.20 lacs.

Tata AIA Maha Suraksha Supreme 10-40 years 18-70 years Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.2 crores.
SBI Smart Shield 18-60 years 18-60 years Rs.25 lakhs
HDFC Life Click 2Protect 3D Plus 18-65 years  18-65 years Rs.1 crore
Exide Life Smart Term Plan 10-30 years 18-65 years Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs

Bottom Line: When selecting a plan, it is critical to understand these factors. You can also study the policy document to ensure that you understand which types of fatalities are not covered by your term insurance.

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