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Who Are Ian Paget and Chris Olsen? TikTok Stars Split After 2 Years Together, Break Up Reason


Once again, Tiktok is remaining the discussion among everyone as the couple Chris Olsen and Ian Paget have recently announced their split following a two-years long relationship. Since the news took place on social media immense reaction of the users came to the fore. Because no one supposed that their separation would occur in such a manner. Both are handling their immense popularity on the app as uncounted people have followed them, hence, the news is a bit shocking for everyone especially their supporters who love to watch their videos, so below you could get the comprehensive details behind the split.

Ian Paget and Chris Olsen

According to the exclusive reports or sources, Tiktok couple Chris and Paget were dating each other for 2 years, as they met in July 2019, they also feature in various videos which they have posted on YouTube as they are organizing their own YouTube channel. 34-years-old Paget has unleashed everything in the video, which is circulating on social media rapidly. As soon as the video is catching the heat on social networking sites, their supporters are unleashing their remarks on their separation, because everyone was looking at them together for a long, and hence their split proved a bit shocking for the supporters.

Ian Paget and Chris Olsen Break Up

It is being reported, that 24-years-old Chris Olsen has confirmed the news through social media so that, their admirers could not be ignorant of each vital detail about the personal stuff. Because since the news occurred everyone was seeing ahead to get more vital pieces of accurate news, and therefore, both have come forward and announced their separation as they were remaining the hot potato, among everyone. He added that now they both decided to live their life individually, so that, they can get the happiness which they deserve, so, therefore, they decided to take such a step.

Both Chris Olsen and Ian Paget has a popular account on social media as their fabs love to watch their appearance as they always made the video and posts as well. Approximately 340k people have subscribed to their YouTube Channel and watch their videos daily. Along with this, they have many accounts on different social media platforms, so they have shared only these pieces of information yet. So when something will come again we will update you for sure, but for that, you will have to connect with us, as still some reports are arriving forward with different claiming.

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