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Who Are Susan And Christopher Edwards? Convicts Of Chilling Double Murder Story Explained


Susan and Christopher Edwards, the convicted murderers, have become the hot topic again as a new TV mini-series titled “Landscapers” is all set to tell the chilling story. Yes, the crime drama will narrate how the couple had killed one of their parents and managed to fool the authorities for 15 years. Directed by Will Sharpe, the series released its first episode on December 6 this year while the second, third, and fourth episodes were released consecutively on Dec 7. Ever since the premiere of the thriller, Susan and Christopher Edwards have come into the limelight. Check the complete story here.

Who Are Susan And Christopher Edwards? Convicts Of Chilling Double Murder Story Explained

As per reports, the couple Susan and Christopher had killed Susan’s parents named Patricia and William Wycherley. Not just they were involved in such a heinous crime, the pair fooled the authorities for almost 15 years as they kept her parents alive on paper. Yes, through forged signatures and letters, the couple did not let anyone suspect their murder. Later, they buried Susan’s parents in their former house’s backyard so that no one can ever find the body or suspect where it possibly could be. Further, Susan and Christopher emptied the bank accounts of Wycherley which had around £40,000.

Who Are Susan And Christopher Edwards?

Susan and her husband made off around £250,000 from the former’s parents money. They also took the benefits such as pensions and other goods. Even though the couple had earned a huge amount of money, they still managed to rack up debt worth £160,000 after purchasing Hollywood memorabilia. According to some detectives, Susan had a financial grudge against her parents as she felt that they had betrayed her in terms of giving inheritance left to her by a step-grandmother. Eventually, it led them to murder Susan’s parents. Susan’s defence team also claimed that she was been sexually assaulted by her father.

Justice Thirlwall, the trial judge, believed Susan’s background as it justified her hatred for her father and the reason she took his life. The judge sentenced the pair for their shocking crimes and stated that they deserve to spend most of their time in prison. He added that since they were pretending not to be involved with crime and fooled authorities too by keeping her parents alive on papers, he doesn’t find any difference in them. The judge announced that they both deserve to go behind the bars. So both Susan Edwards who was 39 at the time of the murder and Christopher Edwards, 41 at that time, are currently serving life sentences for double murder.

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