Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil? Online Voting Results Revealed

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination This Week 7 – 19th March 2022: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil? Online Voting Results Revealed: Bigg Boss Ultimate is a digital version of Bigg Boss Tamil that is going extremely well and entertaining. It has become the most-watched reality show on the digital platform. It is getting the same response from the viewers as the television version. Day by Day, it is getting more intense and happening. The viewers of the show have been giving much love and appreciation to the contestants. This is the weekend and everyone is curiously waiting to know what is going to happen in the weekend episode and who will be evicted from the house. In this article, we are going to give you all details about the elimination and voting results for this week. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

As we all know that it is the seventh week which is close to its end. Today is the weekend episode, the host of the show will be seen talking to the contestants regarding the whole week. So far, 7 contestants have left the show, while the remaining contestants are still fighting to get the title of the show. The contestants have been playing the game with full grace and strength.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination week 7 – Who is in Elimination in Bigg Boss Ultimate this week – Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

As per the unofficial voting results, Suruthi and Sathish can be seen in the danger zone as they have received fewer votes than other nominated contestants. On the other hand, Thamarai and Juliana are in the safe zone with an amazing count of votes. Apart from this, there are more contestants who are safe as they were safe in the nominations as well, and these contestants are Abhirami, Balaji M, Ramya, Suresh.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Nominated Contestants List

This week, 6 contestants are nominated to get evicted from the house. The names of the nominated contestants are given below:

  1. Sathish
  2. Juliana
  3. Niroop
  4. Anitha
  5. Thamarai
  6. Suruthi

Well, it is going to be very interesting to see who will be eliminated from the house this week. Like every week, the viewers are desperately waiting to watch the show to know about the eliminations. In this week, we have seen several tasks taking place in the show which were performed by the contestants commendably. Several contestants shocked their fans with their energetic performances this week. The contestants have been working really hard to be in the game. Let’s see which contestant will succeed to get the trophy of the Bigg Boss Ultimate Season 1.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is all set to move to its fourth week. The viewers are very excited to know who will enter the next week and will play the further game. This week, we have seen lots of drama and fights between the contestants. However, we all know that this show is known only for these kinds of fights and arguments as the viewers enjoy it. So, we can say that the contestants are doing their job perfectly. The audience has been appreciating the contestants very much for their performances in several tasks. Through this article, you will get all information about voting results for this week and eliminations as well.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Online Voting Results  – 19th March

It is the third week of the show in which we have witnessed a colorful open nominations task along with some intense fight during the nominations process. There were three nominations that were the highlights of the week as they were expected. Throughout the week, we have seen a couple of tasks in which the contestants have put all their efforts to win them. The contestants are doing great in the show, be it entertainment or performing any task.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Final Voting Results For 7th Week

  • Thamarai- 29% vote share
  • Juliana- 24% vote share
  • Niroop- 18% vote share
  • Anitha- 10% vote share
  • Suruthi- 10% vote share
  • Sathish- 9% vote share

As per the voting results we have mentioned, Sravanthi and RJ Chaithu are in the danger zone. These two contestants have got fewer votes than others while Akhil has got more votes than others. Now, it will be interesting to see who will be eliminated from the show this week.

There are no official sources have come regarding the elimination. We are still finding who will be eliminated this week. The viewers are voting for their favorite contestants. The show is getting positive responses from the viewers. There is a huge craze among people for the show and it also shows on social media platforms. The fans of the contestants are showing their support in every possible manner. The show is streaming on the Disney+ Hotstar app. Don’t miss any episode of “Bigg Boss Non-Stop”. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep watching the show on the digital platform Disney+ Hotstar.


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