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Who is Aashna Lidder? Brig LS Lidder 16-Year-Old Daughter Deactivated Instagram


The tragic helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu’s Coonoor snatched 13 people’s lives. Brigadier Lakhwinder Singh Lidder was also one of those thirteen people who was killed in the crash on Wednesday, Dec 8. The entire nation has been mourning the real-life heroes’ death and has been paying them a heartfelt tribute. Although Lakhwinder Singh has passed away, he has left behind his wife Geetika and his teenage daughter Aashna. Netizens are searching for Lakhwinder Singh Lidder’s daughter Aashna Lidder. Here’s what we know about the young girl.

Aashna Lidder

Aashna Lidder is the 16-year-old daughter of the late Brigadier Lakhvinder Singh and Geetika. She is the only child of the couple and has no siblings. Aashna studies in class 12 and is a focused child. It might look shocking but the teenager also happens to be a published author. Yes, the young girl has already written a book going by the title “Musing of a Teenager”. The book shows the journey of a teen through learning and musings.

It has garnered huge attention among the people back then. Besides, Late Bipin Rawat had written the foreword for the book and has shown his contribution too. Bipin Rawat had written that Aashna has encapsulated the spirit of humankind through poems. He added that the young girl has mentioned the experiences she got while growing up in a military family. The highs, the lows and every situation that arises when you grow in a military family.

Mr Rawat further wrote that the words and expressions that she has used are nothing but her belief and added that there is a budding poet who is eagerly waiting for recognition and support. Chief Defence staff wished Aashna the best and asked her to quest in poetry with a passion. Surprisingly, around 250 copies have been already been published. Publishing Creative Crows’ publisher had said that they witnessed a huge demand for the book.

Talking about her father’s demise, Aashna Lidder said that she will soon turn 17 and added that her father was with her for 17 years. Aashna said that they will go ahead with happy memories and called his death a national loss. Aashna called her father a hero and her best friend. A source says that Lakhwinder Singh’s wife Geetika had asked Aashna to stay strong and has reportedly said to her “Look at me, am I crying?”. Aashna had stated that she will appear in her 12th exams as planned.

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