Who Is Adrien Hachey? Found Dead – What Happened To Him?

Who Is Adrien Hachey? Found Dead – What Happened To Him?: Adrien Hachey passed away recently on 22nd August 2022, Monday unexpectedly leaving all of his family members and friends heartbroken. According to the reports, Hachey was the father of four, he didn’t return home a day earlier on Sunday. He told his household that he was going to a campaign in a private campground located in Hazle Township in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The family gets worried when the patriarch of the household didn’t return and they even all of the contacts. The household decided to lodge a missing complaint for Adrien Hachey. Get more information on Adrien Hachey found dead after going missing in Pennsylvania.

Adrien Hachey


As we informed that the household registered a missing complaint to Pennsylvania State Police Department. The family stated that Hachey was missing at 10:24 am on Sunday, 22nd of August. The police started its brief and quick investigation that stretched over hours and after making supreme efforts the investigation team found Hachey but he was dead. The corpse of Hachey was found in a small waterbody located near the place from where Hacjey got vanished. The police are investigating the case to know out the major reason for his death.

All of his family members are devastated and mourning the death of Hachey. He was survived by his four young sons including the eldest one Reid 16 years, Nathan 14-year-old, Alec 11 years old, and Evan the youngest one. The family describes him as a loving and caring father and a loving husband as well. The family further informed the media organization that he went camping with friends and after he went missing and now his corpse has been found at a nearby place from where he got disappeared. As we mentioned above police assure us that they will find the truth soon.

In addition to this, a GoFundMe page has been organized by Carol Todd on the basis of his boys and grandparents named Rheal and Rose Marie Hachey to escape the family from the expense of the investigation and funeral of Adrien Hachey. Along with that the family also urged the people to donate to securing the future of Adrien’s boys that will be secured by the grandparents of the boys.

As of now, a total of 127 donations have been contributed which collected an amount of around $16,000 against the goal of $50,000. We will get back to you with the updated amount and reports of the police investigation soon.

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