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Who Is Alena Yildiz? TikTok Video Goes Viral After Model Uninvited From Wedding For Looking Too Good


A Germany based model has been garnering a lot of attention ever since one of her Tik Tok videos got viral. Yes, we are talking about Alena Yildiz who recently shared a video on the platform where she revealed how she got uninvited to a close friends’ wedding as she looked “too good” in the dress chosen by the bride herself. It might come as shocking but the news is actually true. The 21-year-old model took to TikTok to share the shocking news. Now, the video has been crazily going viral on social media putting the model into the spotlight.

Who Is Alena Yildiz? TikTok Video Goes Viral As Model Uninvited From Wedding For Looking Too Good

In the viral TikTok video, Alena has written that one of her close friends uninvited her as the dress she chose for her ended up looking too good on her. Well, it’s pretty usual for a bride or groom to think about getting all the attention on their wedding day as, after all, it’s their day. Seems like Alena’s close friend also thought the same when she saw the German model in the bridesmaid dress which she herself had chosen for her. Describing the incident, Alena further wrote that she still managed to take some fire pics in the dress.

Who is Alena Yildiz?

Now, the video has amassed over 10 million views ever since it was posted on the said app last week. With that, Alena has also gained much attention and now has become the talked about personality this week. Netizens are curious about the beautiful model and want to know more about her. Well, Alena is a German-based model belonging to Heidelberg. The 21-year-old is extremely popular on social media platforms. On Instagram, Alena has earned almost 165,000 where she regularly updates her followers by posting stunning pictures of herself. The model promotes several brands on her account as well.

Alena Yildiz just completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Talking about the bridesmaid dress fiasco, the young model had shared that her friend chose a dress for her and other bridesmaids and was asked to pay for the dress which cost around 1360 dollars. Later, when Alena sent a video where she was seen wearing the dress, her close friend called her and said that the dress was too attention-grabbing and got very angry. She added that her friend ended the call after uninviting her from her wedding. Alena’s TikTok also caused trouble between the friends and it seems that the two will not remain on good terms anymore.

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