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Who Is AlessiaVaesenn “Woman Breastfeeding Cat” Video Goes Viral On Social Media


You must have come across the viral video of a woman breastfeeding her cat at the start of December. The video featured a woman, whose identity is unknown, flying from Syracuse to Atlanta when she began to breastfeed her hairless kitten. Yes, you read that right. The woman boarded the plane with a kitty who she had covered under a blanket. Ever since the video came to light, it went viral insanely and garnered a lot of attention from internet users. Now, Alessiavaesenn has created a parody video of the same which is also going viral.

Woman Breastfeeding Cat Video

The “Woman breastfeeding her cat” video went viral after a message sent by the airline communications system was shared online. The message read that the 13A passenger is breastfeeding a cat and that she did not put the cat in the carrier back despite being requested. Although the video of the incident was not taken properly, one of the flight attendants seemed to have explained the entire incident.

Woman Breastfeeding Cat Video

The flight attendant took to Tik Tok and elaborated on what actually happened that day. She said that the woman brought a cat that was swaddled up in a blanket which made it look like a small baby. The attendant further said that the woman’s shirt was up and she was breastfeeding it. Despite being asked multiple times to put the cat back in the carrier, she did not put it back.

Now, someone has made a parody of the whole incident that has caught people’s attention once again. @AlessiaVaesenn, a popular Tik Tok user, had uploaded a series of videos where she has enacted the whole incident that took place in Delta Airlines. Apart from mentioning the details of the viral incident, the user also added her own hilarious content. The four-part series shows the entire incident in a comic way. In the first part, the woman is shown breastfeeding her cat under a knitted blanket while she is sitting beside the window.

Next, a male passenger tries to explain to the flight attendant that she is not feeding a child but its cat and how she had brought a cat to the plane. The woman on another side sticks to her words and claims that it’s a baby. After seeing the popularity of the first part that amassed around 1.9 million views, the TikToker went ahead to post other parts as well where the third part has garnered a staggering 15.3 million views.

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