Who Is Alex Jones? Check Leaked Photo & Video Of His Wife To Roger Stone On Twitter & Reddit

Who Is Alex Jones? Check Leaked Photo & Video Of His Wife To Roger Stone On Twitter & Reddit: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defended Alex Jones after he was ordered to pay $45 million to the parents of children who were killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting that he lied about.

During a conversation with Mike Lindell, another Trump supporter and promoter of far-right disinformation, at the CPAC conference over the weekend, Greene made the following comments.

Greene portrayed the families taking him to court as trying to destroy him, and said that Infowars shouldn’t be judged only on the fact that Jones took back his statement that Sandy Hook was a hoax at the trial.

Alex Jones has been right most of the time, according to Greene. He built his InfoWars show not on that claim, but on many other news stories.

Except for when he thought Sandy Hook was fake, Alex Jones has been right most of the time.

During the conference on Friday, she was interviewed about Jones being treated badly. She had previously tweeted about how great Jones was after he mentioned child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s trial.

Jones was sued by the parents of children who died in the Sandy Hook mass shooting after claims he made on his Infowars website that they were part of a government plot behind the shooting. A jury in Texas decided that Jones must pay them large amounts in damages after court hearings last week.

Jones earned a fortune with his Infowars business, which sells conspiracy theories that have no truth to them. An expert who testified in the trial last week said that Jones could be worth up to $240 million.

Infowars has spread rumors about many events, including the 9/11 tragedy and other mass shootings, by claiming that the government secretly controls the weather, and about vaccine dangers.

Trump, and Greene when she started her campaign for Congress in 2020, have both been promoted on Stone’s platform because they share his belief in conspiracy theories.

Greene has harassed David Hogg, who survived a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018. She has also promoted conspiracy theories about other shootings, along with Jones.

Last week, a bankruptcy filing was made by Jones after the ruling. This case will delay another case of defamation that is being brought up by Sandy Hook families in Connecticut, according to Reuters.

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