Who Is Alex Jones Wife, Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge? Check Age Bio Images

Alex Jones and his wife are gathering much attention all over the Internet after Alex’s wife gets arrested after alleged domestic violence charges. The entire incident took place on Christmas Eve for domestic violence. According to the reports the right-wing provocateur stated that she is suffering from medication imbalance. As of now, the police authority took the wife of Alex Jones, Erika Wulff Jones on Christmas Eve and proceed her to Austin Jail around 8:45 last Friday. All of the people are trying to learn more about the complete controversy and allegations of Alex Jones Wife Being Arrested.

Who Is Alex Jones Wife, Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge? Check Age Bio Images

As per the reports issued by Jail records claimed that the 43 years old earlier committed another crime of assaulting one of his family members, she also injured her family member and then resist getting arrested. She even didn’t receive a bond to release on Saturday at noon. The founder of the right-wing media group refused to state anything regarding his injuries. He didn’t explain the incident that caused all that injuries to him. He believed that all this happened due to the sudden change in her medication.

Who is Alex Jones Wife?

He further said that it is his family matter and he didn’t want to make it an issue. Jones stated that “I love my wife and care about her and it appears to be some kind of medication imbalance.” Even after that, the sheriff didn’t proceed with the immediate response to the pleading. Jones sued at the beginning of this week for avoiding the court’s summon that is being issued by the House committee for speaking at a rally in support of the former president of the US Donald Trump. She also encouraged other people to support the protest.

Alex and Erika were blessed with a child, Alex said that he wasn’t the family member who got injured by Erika. Earlier to this they both called the police for each other once and alleged each other for being involved in a drink driving case. Now, the couple is involved in another controversy. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.

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