Who Is Alexis Cifuentes, Daniel Luna Assault Arrested Charges Explained

Who Is Alexis Cifuentes, Daniel Luna Assault Arrested Charges Explained: Alexis Cifuentes has been captured by the police for feuding with a fan of 49ers in the parking lot when the game was in progress. This news is going viral from person to person. His misbehavior with a fan led him into police custody for fighting with him in the parking lot. The mayor of Inglewood James Butts said that Alexis Cifuentes was arrested by the police and later he has been released on a $30K bond. Read the coming section to know about the 49ers fan and Alexis Cifuentes’s age and why did both fight in the parking lot? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Alexis Cifuentes

Who Is Alexis Cifuentes?

Alexis Cifuentes was involved in a feud with Daniel Luna who is a 49ers fan, Daniel is also a restaurant owner in Oakland but currently, he is still hitting with post-fighting trauma and induced in the coma. The fight between the two took place at SoFi Stadium during the NFC Championship Game. Daniel is 40 years old man who is a fan of the 49ers and Alexis Cifuentes is 33 years old man who is a fan of the Rams and both were engaged in a feud when the match was in progress in Los Angeles. Read the next section for further information.

Alexis Cifuentes Arrested

Alexis is accused of physically assaulting 49ers fan SoFi Stadium and Inglewood Mayor Butts said in a press conference that this incident is on Thursday and their feud was last for only 5 seconds he said on the basis of video footage captured by the CCTV and he further explained the fight by saying that Daniel Luna shoved Alexis Cifuentes in the parking area and Alexis pushed him in return and Luna fell down and his head stroked on the ground. And Alexis faced the consequences of the feud later when he was being questioned by the Inglewood police from his workplace at Montebello and later he surrendered himself to the police.

According to the statement given by the Inglewood mayor, Alexis will have to face interrogation and this case will be headed to Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. While Luna is still unconscious as he has a concussion at the SoFi Stadium and as per the police report Luna was rushed to the Harbor UCLA Medical Center, but due to the head injuries he is in an induced coma and it is expected that he will recover soon as his health condition is in a stable position. Stay connected with ‘getindianews’.


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