Who Is Alvin Miclat? What Happened? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained

Who Is Alvin Miclat? What Happened? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained:  Former PHSA employee Alvin Miclat was reportedly arrested for sexual misconduct. Where is he now? Let’s explore more details about this case.

PHSA, also known as the Philippine High School for the Arts, is facing controversy after many of the school’s students complained about multiple incidents of sexual misconduct, including emotional, verbal and sexual abuse of students.

As one of the most prestigious names in education, PHSA has attracted a lot of attention from the media and the public. The PHSA reportedly investigates all cases of abuse and sexual harassment.

In the wake of the sex scandal, Vice President and Education Secretary Sarah Duterte-Carpio asked the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate reports on the topic.

Alvin Miclat PHSA abuser arrested for sexual misconduct – where is he now?

Alvin Mikrat has been identified as one of the perpetrators of PHSA sexual misconduct, according to multiple media reports. He is currently the Head of IT Department at Bina Bangsa School in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Before moving to Indonesia, Mr. Miclat worked at PHSA. Mikrat reportedly revealed some of the crimes he committed while at PHSA during a polygraph test.

However, he has been working at Bina Bangsa School for 10 years. This caused a lot of excitement on the internet as people misunderstood his identity.

Alvin Miklat’s wife Marika Miklat: Is he married?

Alvin Miklat married his wife Marika Miklat. The couple are very active on their respective Facebook accounts and have made several posts on the platform. However, Ms Miklat did not update her personal information on social media.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mikrat regularly updates his life events on the platform. However, he has stayed away from social media after news of him went viral.

Also, his wife Marikar has yet to comment on her husband’s situation. She is currently discussing possible next steps with her lawyers, according to reports.

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