Who Is Amanda Cerny? Watch Leaked Videos & Photos On Twitter & Reddit

Who Is Amanda Cerny? Watch Leaked Videos & Photos On Twitter & Reddit: Actress, model and wellness enthusiast Amanda Cerny has over 45 million followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, making her one of the five most viewed Instagram Stories accounts in the world. With over 1.3 million new monthly followers on Instagram alone, Amanda is a top content creator on a mission to help people feel good through engaging storytelling and quality videos.

Amanda has been interested in fitness since she was a child. Her mother owns the largest karate school in Florida, so Amanda spent a lot of time training with her sisters and earned a black belt in karate. Amanda stays active by playing tennis, hiking, marathon training, dancing and participating in her popular CERNYFIT hot workout! Clean eating is part of their healthy lifestyle. Amanda has been following a plant-based diet for the past 10 years. A nature lover, she loves the outdoors, spends time traveling and connecting with her fans, spreading smiles through her video content, and continually promoting kind and sustainable lifestyle choices.

is a talented self-made actress and TV presenter with over 35 million followers on social media. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she grew up in Connecticut and South Florida, and attended Florida State University where she earned a degree in business administration. While in Miami Beach, Amanda hosted live music events and studied acting, and had small roles in popular films and television. In 2011, she left Miami to pursue full-time acting in Los Angeles. Amanda went on to study acting and improv at the United Citizens Brigade and started stunt and weapons training.

Determined to build her character, Amanda started creating her own content on YouTube and Vine. On the other hand, out of necessity, she taught herself how to write, shoot, edit, produce, direct and star in her own videos. Talk about a woman who can do anything! Her fan base has grown naturally on social media due to the quality of her sketch comedy.

A multi-talented woman, Amanda discovered her passion for directing and acting. She has directed commercials for Fortune 500 brands, directed and produced music videos, and acted in traditional film and television. Amanda is no stranger to the modeling world and was the face of GUESS at the global event in 2018. This was just the beginning of her amazing career as an actress and entrepreneur.

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