Who is Amir Locke? Video shooting

More than 30 hours after police shot and killed an armed man in an apartment in the city center on Wednesday, calls for transparency and answers have grown.

Police accountability activists from the community against police brutality will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. Condemned the lack of transparency throughout the process in an effort to get answers from city officials and the MPD.

Among those requests, the group wants to see warrant applications, receive communications from MPDs in a more timely (and clearly structured) manner, and hear motivations for releasing images of guns and ammunition to the public before officers’ body camera footage — An attempt to slander the victim’s character they claim. .

A member of the Minneapolis Police Department conducted a search at the Bolero apartment on Marquette Avenue at about 6:48 a.m. Wednesday, Interim Police Chief Amelia Hoffman said in a brief news conference Wednesday afternoon. An armed man was shot and killed in an apartment building in the city center. Police have not yet clarified whether the man they killed was related to a search warrant.

Community members have since identified the victim as black Amir Locke. FOX 9 confirmed that Rock was 22. Sources told FOX 9’s Paul Bloom that Locke’s family will be represented by attorneys for Ben Crump and Jeff Storms, civil attorneys representing the family of George Floyd.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s office said at about 3 p.m. On Thursday, the mayor worked to ensure Amir Locke’s family saw the body cam video before it was released publicly.

“He is working with the MPD and the BCA to ensure the video is released as soon as possible without compromising the BCA’s ability to gather evidence and the overall integrity of the investigation,” the mayor’s office said in a statement.

Around 5.50pm on Thursday, a police spokesman said the MPD was “working on a plan” to release body camera footage of the police shooting of Amir Locke tonight.

In Minneapolis, the mayor finally decided to release body camera footage, not the police department. The June 2018 police shooting of Thurman Blevins marked the first time an elected Minnesota official released body camera footage before the BCA investigation was complete.

A former Hutchinson officer who now works for the Minneapolis Police Department shot and killed a man during a raid in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday morning.

Mark Hanneman served as a full-time officer with the Hutchinson Police Department from March 21, 2012 to September 12, 2015, and again as a part-time officer from July 25, 2017 to March 24, 2019. Part of the Minneapolis Police SWAT team is executing a search warrant for the St. Paul police homicide, according to the Minneapolis Police Department.

Interim Police Chief Amelia Hoffman said police used the keys to gain access to the apartments in the city center and they had the authority to conduct a search in the 1100 block of Marquette Avenue South at 6:48 a.m.

They loudly and repeatedly declared, ‘Police, search warrant’ before stepping over the threshold into the apartment, and continued as they entered the apartment,” she said at a news conference on Wednesday. “Just over nine seconds after they entered the apartment, The police then encountered a man with a pistol. He had the gun in his hand.

An incident report said Hanneman shot the man twice in the chest and once in the right wrist, Sao Paulo Herald reported. Police then provided emergency medical attention and took the man to paramedics in the lobby, Hoffman said. Paramedics took him to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

According to Hoffman, a pistol with a 5.7mm cartridge was found at the scene, and police have released a photo of the gun. Authorities did not say whether the officers were enforcing a no-bomb order, which the Minneapolis Police Department restricted after the May 2020 killing of George Floyd

Civil rights lawyer and activist Nekima Levy Armstrong identified the deceased as Amir Locke. She said his family told her that Locke was the gunman and that he was not mentioned in the search warrant.

“Amir’s family believes he was frightened when police broke in and tried to protect him,” Levi Armstrong wrote on Facebook, adding that Minneapolis and St. Paul police and Minnesota criminal arrests The bureau “needs to provide complete and thorough answers” and immediately released body camera footage.

The BCA is leading the investigation, with officers wearing body-worn cameras. Hoffman said she reviewed the footage Wednesday.

“These events are a painful loss,” Hoffman said. “They were traumatic not only for those who knew (Locke), but for everyone who lived in Minneapolis and the police who were there.”

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