Who Is Ana Jalandoni? All about Filipino actress – Age, Instagram, and, more!

Who Is Ana Jalandoni? All about Filipino actress – Age, Instagram, and, more!: An entertainer Ana Jaladoni’s name is circulating all over the web after her boyfriend was arrested. Yes, you have read it right and must be wondering why is her boyfriend is under the arrest? So keep some patience as we will going to update you in this article below. An ac actress said that”a now who doesn’t harm a person they love.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ana Jalandoni

Who Is Ana Jalandoni?

Well her statement is so true, and if we took ourselves as an example to this statement then, we never ever gonna be hurt by the one whom we love a lot. But there is news that she has been faced this as her boyfriend is accused of causing her injuries and detaining her as well. The actress was in eh cag of her boyfriend as he use to be kept her locked in a room and then he beat her also. So she was facing mental and physical trauma from her boyfriend. Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Scandal Explained

The victim has been expressed her sentiments on the alleged assaults while showing images of herself before and after the incident, she shared these pictures on her Instagram as well as Facebook pages on March 18. Just after the post, these pictures become viral as many of her followers use to share them on their accounts as well. And the police came into the action as an actor Kit Thompson is arrested. What Happened Between Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson? Assault allegations Twitter Reacts

Ana Jalandoni Instagram

Here is a statement that reads, “when you really love someone, you will never ever even think of harming them. Minahal mo ba talaga (Did you really love them)? This is my words and you all must have been so careful out there. Jalandoni later thanked those who were checking up on her and also added that she would release a statement soon. Kit Thompson Arrested: Why was Kit Thompson Arrested? Charges Explained

Thompson’s management, Cornerstone Entertainment, gave a statement in which the incident was on its Instagram page yesterday, March 18. In the initial statement, “be mindful of casting judgment based on unfounded reports being circulated online.”

Cornerstone has been added that “in the most delicate situation we have been subscribed to the sound direction of law enforcement and permitted the wheels of rectitude to take its course.” Her boyfriend was fetched to the police station after the authorities had been grabbed by an emergency call saying Jalandoni needed rescuing at a Tagaytay hotel.

Stay tuned to us to grab the update about the same.


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