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Who Is Baktash Abtin? Jailed Iranian Writer Dies In Detention Check Death Cause Biography


Baktash Abtin one of the famous Persian personalities and social workers passed away lately. The popular poet and film producer faced many ups and downs in his life for his initiative and his propaganda against the government along with the government he also stood against National Security. If we talk about his major reasons for his stated the dreaded virus succumbed to death. He was in a coma in the hospital as he was getting treatment against the fatal virus. He was 48 years old at the time of his death took place on 8th January 2022. Get more information on who’s Baktash Abtin death reason, age, and family background.

Who Is Baktash Abtin? Jailed Iranian Writer Dies In Detention Check Death Cause Biography

Besides Abtin was a member of IFFR and got arrested due to his propaganda against the government and National Security. The major motive of his propaganda was that he didn’t want anyone would be imprisoned to share his views on anything. He inspired people to express their thoughts. He is a brilliant orator and a leader. As and when he got arrested Amnesty International came in his support. Even after getting arrested Abtin didn’t withdraw his words and continued with his agenda and because of his determination he achieved enormous fame across the world.

Who Is Baktash Abtin?

As we informed you earlier that is his agenda behind standing against the government. He want that the government don’t arrest the people who want to express their thoughts and freedom. He was arrested on 15 May 2019 along with Reza Khandan Mahababadi and Kievan Bajan. All three were charged with illegally standing against the ruling government and questioned national security and were sentenced to 3 and a half years of imprisonment. Although he left the world while serving sentence after he was attacked by the deadly microscopic monster ended his life in a brutal way.

On behalf of the reports, Abtin reported that he was diagnosed with pneumonia because of the virus on 20 December the previous year. As his health was deteriorating continuously he was then admitted to the ICU in Taleghani Hospital on 1 January 2022, but his health didn’t get stable and later went into a coma. Abtin succumbed to death because of his illness on 8th January 2022 at the age of 48.

Baktash Abtin was born in 1974 in Shahar-e Rey the capital of Ray County in Tehran Province, Iran. He was a phenomenal writer and a wonderful poet. We hope that the pure soul will rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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