Who Is Brandon Leonard, Racist Video On Tiktok explained

Who Is Brandon Leonard, Racist Video On Tiktok explained: A Tulsa residence is feeling the heat of the criticism after posting a video on social media, Brandon Leonard is the man who is getting criticism from all over the world since a video surfaced on the internet. the video that is going viral with high speed was uploaded on TikTok in which a person is talking about a minority family with abusive language and using racism & hatred words for the family, this video was uploaded on Thursday morning, and after this Tulsa residence, Brandon Leonard has surrounded by the criticism. Read this article till the end by scrolling down the screen, here you will get everything to read regarding this hot subject of the town. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brandon Leonard

Who Is Brandon Leonard?

A few days ago the same case also went viral and became the topic of the town when James Iannazzo a high-profile face of Wealth Management was fired from Merril Lynch when he was allegedly found involved in a video that was branding racism on social media. And now Brandon Leonard has become the subject of the town as he is found in promoting racism on social media. This matter arose when a video was published on TikTok which is currently the leading short video platform.

Brandon Leonard Racist Video explained

The username of the account by which that video was uploaded on TikTok is “@ceciliaortiz340” and this video has been viewed by more than 240,000 people and has gained more than 11,000 likes. Brandon Leonard can be seen in the video saying “come on, and the woman’s dad answered that he doesn’t do anything, that’s why the home ain’t done because he does nothing, to which Brandon answered” and the woman responded to him “he supposes because he has a gun, that he is a big man, that he has huge balls”.

And the woman also said that he does not belong to that country nor it was of him and Brandon answered that he was born there. Then the dad of the lady said his dad and grandpa were immigrants so it means it was not his nation and that is Indian land and in last Brandon said they were minions. Cecilia Ortiz posted screenshots on social media in which written that Brandon is living in Sand Springs but he took birth in Woodward in Oklahoma. 180 Kitchen and Bath Design Group is behind in the queue as the group has not spoken on this hot matter yet. Brandon Leonard is the contractor of 180 Kitchen Designs.


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