Who Is Brenda Trindade? Biography – Watch Leaked Videos & Photos On Reddit And Twitter

Who Is Brenda Trindade? Biography – Watch Leaked Videos & Photos On Reddit And Twitter: Brenda Trindade is a Chilean, former actress, Playboy model and host. That is why she is famous not only in her country but also in Latin America. She never hides her love for soccer.

Chucky’s presence near her causes panic: what is going on?

Therefore, in a recent tweet, it is not surprising that she announced her intention to buy her beloved team, Club Deportivo O’Higgins, from the city of Rancagua.

On her Twitter account, Brenda Trindade explained that to raise money she opened a VIP account on Onlyf. Given the comments on the social network, the model shows that she has no problem with the account balance: $ 5,057,845.

“We have $5 million to buy O’Higgins. There’s a lot of nasty vibes where other people say, ‘You’re going to sell $5 million videos for sure.’ South America. We will get there, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Taking into account the media influence, a club spokesman denied having sold it and assured that it would not be sold to models. “The Abumohor family (her owners) did not choose to sit down and talk with her because she abused them many times on social media,” one of them told the outlet.

Ricardo Abu Mohol has also been quoted as saying that the club’s price tag could be much higher.

“The club has not been evaluated yet, maybe it could be closer to $10 million, but Celeste Abbey [the club’s training center in Requinoa] is excluded because it is one more investment,” he told Regor.

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