Who Is Bright Udiagbe Arraigned for Death of Model Julie Diane aka Tyger Booty

In the death of the American stripper Tyger Booty, Ghana police have arraigned a Nigerian businessman. The police have stated that Julie Diane aka Tyger Booty and the businessman were in contact that brought the latter in the suspicion list. The Nigerian businessman has been identified as Bright Udiagbe who is also known as Big Slim. Reportedly, Udigabe owns nightclubs and restaurants in Ghana and Nigeria. It is stated that Big Slim was in contact with the late stripper when she was in Ghana. Now, the businessman would be produced before the court.

Tyger Booty

Tyger Booty was a popular model on Instagram. She was reported to have died in a hotel room in Accra, Ghana in mid-December 2021. According to the reports, Tyger had flown to Ghana from the United States for a rumoured holiday party which was a paid trip by a Ghanaian billionaire acquaintance. She was supposed to be the life of the party but, unfortunately, her dead body was found in a secluded hotel room. After the American model’s death news surfaced on the internet, netizens started paying her tributes and searched for her Tyger Booty cause of death. However, her death cause has reportedly not been determined.

Some sources claim that the model may have passed away as a result of a drug overdose while a few others claim that she took her own life and committed suicide. Although nothing has been made official yet. As her death was quite mysterious and her lifeless body was discovered in suspicious circumstances, police started their investigation. The IG model sister had asked Tyger’s autopsy to occur in the US as she doubted the Ghanaian health officials’ integrity. Here, police tried to find out the identity of the billionaire who arranged the holiday party.

According to Ghana Police, the model died on December 14 at the Rayporsh Hotel, eleven days after her arrival from the United States. Preliminary investigation suggests that Tyger reached Ghana on Dec 2 in 2021 and was isolated at Ave Maria Hotel in Accra after being tested positive for the virus. The police have also disclosed that Tyger Booty’s autopsy report is awaited which will lead the investigation further. Besides, the Nigerian businessman has been arraigned at the Kaneshie District Court where his prosecution will be led by Lawrence Anane, the Chief Inspector. It is also reported that Big Slim and Tyger Booty were in a working relationship for almost five hours.

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