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Who Is Brittany Wilson? Missouri Woman Stabs Boyfriend To Death With Sword


On social media, every day is bringing a new controversy and sometimes it proves heinous enough, something similar is recently reported from Missouri. Where a woman called Brittany Wilson became the cause of her boyfriend’s departure as she killed him brutally with the sword of Christmas Eve. Since the news came massive reaction has been surrounded the entire social media, as everyone is seeking justice for him and requesting to the concerned department to take appropriate action against her. Because on such an auspicious day she killed her close one, so she could be dangerous for others as well.

Who Is Brittany Wilson? Missouri Woman Charged With Killing Boyfriend On Christmas Eve

According to the reports, Brittany Wilson has been taken into the custody through Cape Girardeau police force and has been charged with slaying her boyfriend. As soon as the police went deep into the case they found out plenty of shocking facts as she shared along with her boyfriend on Friday night while having some blood stains on her clothes even the sword was thrown in front of her house yard. Whoever saw her their shocking reaction came as she wore a dress with blood stains without taking tension as she was appearing happy of his departure.

Who is Brittany Wilson?

Later, officers came to her residence and arrested her so that, she can not execute such a crime again but despite this, she did not have even a single tension on her face as she was smiling which made officers shocked as well. Her boyfriend was 34-years-old while Brittany is 32-years-old, hitherto no exact reason behind her action came which is remaining a matter of great discussion. As their neighbors did not hear any voice which indicates that they were having an argument or fight, so, therefore, the case of becoming trick as Brittany is not shared her statement yet with the concerned department.

If the reports are to be believed, so after being forced by the concerned department finally Brittany spoke on her crime, that a day earlier she and her late boyfriend has taken methamphetamine. Plenty of social media users is addressing her psycho as she killed someone who was close to him, which seems inappropriate enough. Meanwhile, everyone is urging to the police to keep her behind bars because if she could do something heinous with her boyfriend so she could do anything with others as well. So we have mentioned such details here and when something is reports again we will update you

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