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Who Is Caitlin Lockett? Charleston SC Woman Arrested In Boat Accident Case? Details


Most lately an unusual case is surfacing all over the Internet covering the missing report of a dog. The news is circulating on some of the significant social media platforms and netizens are trying to fetch more information regarding the case. It all began when the owner of the white doodle named Molly. The lady pleads with her followers to find her beloved dog. As and when the owner of the dog Julie posted images of her dog along with herself it went viral. The case took a turn when the owner accused Caitlin Lockett of stealing her dog.

Who Is Caitlin Lockett? Charleston SC Woman Arrested In Boat Accident Case? Details

If we talk about the post uploaded by Molly’s owner contained a series of images of her dog. Some of the images also feature the images of the accused Caitlin Lockett. Julie alleged that Caitlin Lockett of Charleston SC who captivated the dog from Bryne’s bedroom. If we talk about Caitlin, she belongs to Charleston SC and as of now, she has been alleged of stealing Julie Bryne’s dog, Molly. Most lately, the entire case went viral on the Internet and the people involved in the case are highlighted by the netizens especially the accused Caitlin Lockett.

Who Is Caitlin Lockett?

Julie Byrne openly alleged Lockett for stealing her dog the entire information is caption by Julie wherein she disclosed that on 29th December 2021 her dog had been stolen by Caitlin Lockett also shared her Instagram account. She further informed that she is lying that is in NYC but she took her to Texas and then Hawaii and isn’t returning so far. She said that she implant a microchip in a varied name as it is illegal to microchip a dog twice. She continued that she believed she is making excuses in returning her dog back to her.

She also pleads in her caption that if any of her followers see her dog with Caitlin inform her promptly. This made the netizen eager and tried to search regarding her. After some investigation, it came to know that she was working as a national sales director from July 2011 to November 2019.

As of now, she is volunteering as the Youth mentor for the YMCA of the USA traced by Linkedin. Well, it isn’t confirmed whether the lady has been arrested so far or roaming free. However, she doesn’t have any kind of connection with the Boat accident case. We will get back to you with further information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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