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Who is Carla Nash? His story told and his photos leaked


The terrible story of Charla Nash took place in 2009, but it continues to resonate in the media to this day. The woman was brutally attacked by a chimpanzee, who ripped off her face and hands.

The consequences of this tragedy continue on the woman, who was disabled for life and underwent a facial transplant, causing her countless discomfort.

Effectiveness, efficiency and when to choose to make a call. The tragedy occurred in Connecticut, United States. The monkey was named Travis and it was owned by the victim’s friend, Sandra Herold, who had adopted him since he was a child.

Travis was born on October 21, 1995, at a chimpanzee sanctuary in Missouri. When the animal was only three days old, it was adopted there by Herold and her husband Jerome. The family considered him one more member.

Travis and his “parents” went to the store, played with them and the neighbors, learned how to open and close the door, water the plants, use the TV remote, turn on the computer, and even once, let them drive.

This animal is a miracle of wisdom. He also brushed his teeth and ate at the dining room table with his family. On several occasions they even gave him alcohol.

Additionally, the chimpanzee gained fame for appearing in multiple commercials and occasional television shows.

Jerome died of cancer in 2004, the couple’s son also died in a car accident, and Travis became Sandra’s son. But the so-called pets are still wild animals.

In 2003, when a passerby threw something at Travis’s car and hit him, the monkey jumped out of the car and ran for several blocks. Fortunately, the man escaped, but the animal did not want to return to the car and the police had to intervene.

As a result, Connecticut laws have changed and it is no longer possible to keep foreign animals weighing more than 22 kg in the home. However, even though Travis had weighed 150 pounds and was quite large, he still stayed with Mrs. Herrod because she had lived with her family for many years and they did not believe that he was in danger.

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