Who Is Chelji? Watch Full video Of Rapper Riding Chelji On twitter and reddit

Who Is Chelji? Watch Full video Of Rapper Riding Chelji On twitter and reddit

Apparently, the Conservatives got one more email from Gen Z and the general public. Michael Gove attempted to use Scouse and an American accent at a BBC breakfast on Wednesday, but to make matters even more embarrassing, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his TikTok debut this week on the @10downingstreet account.

In his first clip — a shaky 41-second single-shot titled “Welcome to TikTok No. 10” — Johnson ramblings that we “won’t necessarily catch him dancing” but plan to “unite” Our country does not…improve” with exclusive “messages and content that you may not get when you look at Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and uh, all the rest, all the other stuff”. A fascinating explanation.

Johnson has since posted twice: an over-edited Peaky Blinders-style intro video starring Rishi Sunak, and another showing him peeing on a boat. Neither can be described as “good content” – but of course that’s my subjective opinion. To find out what the rest of TikTok thinks of their newest colleague, I reached out to 8 key UK developers for their input.

“He should put a crack or two”

I think a lot of young people are being turned away by the Conservatives and to win over our young people he should do a TikTok dance challenge in his Downing Street office. He might add weird bite slips every now and then. – Isaac H.P AKA @isaach.p (1.7 million followers)

“I feel like I’m looking at my dad”

Personally, I feel like I’m watching my dad chat. Who watches 40-second videos on TikTok? It’s too long and I’m bored. People go to TikTok to distract from reality, and when Boris talks about the real world out there, I feel infiltrated, that’s all. After all, he has to dance. He will destroy the Internet. – CHELJI AKA @itschelji (1M followers)

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