Who is Christina Powell? Missing Texas Mom – Dead Or Alive? What Happened?

Who is Christina Powell? Missing Texas Mom – Dead Or Alive? What Happened?:Christina Powell, San Antonio mother, was reported missing on July 6. She reportedly left her home in a rush without her phone. According to reports, Powell was last seen on July 5 at 10:30 PM when she was captured leaving her home on a surveillance camera. Claudia Mobley, Powell’s mother, stated that her daughter left the house in a hurry as she was supposedly late for work. Now, everyone is curious to know about the missing case updates. Whether she has been located or still remains missing. Check the article and get further information.

Christina Powell


Initial investigation shows that Christina, a paralegal, had already informed her office about her getting late. However, she did not come to the office that day. Currently, the case is handled by The San Antonio Police Department’s missing person unit. The investigation into the case is still ongoing and the officials are trying to find the evidence that can give them a breakthrough. Talking in interviews about Christina, her mother shared her final conversation with the former. Mobley stated that they did not have any kind of in-depth conversation. She added that Christina just greeted her good morning and told her that she was late.

According to Mobley, Christina left her home in a black 2020 Nissan Rogue. Apart from feeling that her daughter was in a rush, she did not feel anything suspicious that day. Mobley believes that Christina did not leave intentionally and there was something that troubled her or forced her to take this step. However, she is not confirmed if something happened to her or if she just left on her own. Mobley went on to describe Christina as a committed mother and claimed that she would never leave her children behind on purpose.

The same day when Christina Powell did not show up at work, one of his colleagues reached her home and talked to her son about her whereabouts. It was at that moment that the family came to know that she has been missing since morning and they went on to lodge a missing complaint about her at the police station. As of now, not much information regarding her missing case has come to the front yet. Investigators have stated that Powell’s financial records do not indicate any activity while they do not have any leads or suspicious concerning the woman’s location. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the missing case.

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