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Who Is Christopher Collins? Killed Wife Yuanhua Liang After She Signed $250,000 Life Insurance


Recently a piece of news went viral on the internet and netizens are trolling the man whose name is grabbing the headlines. Well, news came into view stating that a man from Texas was found accused of murdering his wife just after two days when his wife signed a $250,000 life Insurance police, Reports said. You must have heard that money can force you to do anything and just because the lust for money forces individuals to do something that makes their life worst. Here is the complete update on Man killed His wife in Texas.

Christopher Collins

You must be keen to know about the man who did this shameful act or perhaps facing false allegations. So, we would like to tell you that a 41 years old man from Texas named Christopher Collins allegedly killed his own 46 years old wife named Yuanhua Liang. Things caught more publicity when the accused tried to show the entire scene in a changed scenario where he was showing that someone killed her wife by shooting her and she was killed by a home invader but as usual he got nabbed by the cops and the reality came out.

Undoubtedly, Collins made everything perfect and even he called cops by, as per the police statement, Collins called law enforcement on the 18th of November where he told officials that his wife texted him where she was talking about a stranger in their house in Northwest Harris County follow by which he went his home where he saw his wife lying down and was seem like she was shot to death in the living room. However, later a CCTV footage of the near gym showed Collins walking around in tension for more than 45 minutes where he only worked for 5 minutes. The investigation team then looked for more proves so they searched a locker of the gym where they found a wallet that reportedly belong to Liang and some other belongings such as a bag and other cosmetics.

Some other reports are showing that Collins was a person who used to spy at his wife. Well, Mr. Collins is a former member of the military stated in an investigation that his wife Liag was a Chinese national and paranoid, and this is the main reason that he took 45 minutes to come home back because he thought that his wife is just making him fool as she used to do with him before. However, later the investigators found security cameras installed in the house on which Collins said that he used to check on his wife whenever he used to stay out of the county. Investigation is still going on, stay tuned to get more updates

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