Who Is Claris Chitauro? Heartless Zimbabwean Maid Abusing South African Baby On Camera Video Explained

Who Is Claris Chitauro? Heartless Zimbabwean Maid Abusing South African Child On Digital camera Video Defined: Think about how it might really feel underneath whose supervision we’re leaving our kids, that individual is misbehaving with our kids. You’ll absolutely get offended proper? The identical factor has occurred in Zimbabwe. As per the report, Zimbabwean maid Claris Chitauro is on the run after abusing a baby in South Africa. The video was uploaded on Youtube and later eradicated for violation. Within the viral video, Claris Chitauro was watched abusing, placing her toes contained in the mouth of the little woman and asking her to maintain quiet contained in the video launched. The video was moreover disclosed on Fb and attained a great deal of consideration. Observe Extra Replace On GetIndiaNews.com

Claris Chitauro

Who Is Claris Chitauro?

Claris Chitauro is a maid or caretaker of a South African toddler who resides in Zimbabwe. She was watched abusing a child woman bodily and making her cry which is showcased within the video. Although the video was later circulated massively nonetheless it’s nonetheless not clear if the girl from the video has been apprehended although.

As per the info disclosed in hotafrica.knowledge, Chitauro has left the job and has already begun working in a particular place. Furthermore, the article urges to tell the places of the maid and the mom of the toddler. It states that “We are in search of the mother of this child within the video. Please share. If the mother will get this, it is going to be straightforward for us to take her to the cops. She is a hazard to the youngsters.”

The video was moreover posted on Youtube and later was taken down from the channel. There have been no tales on Claris Chitauro apprehended by the cops’ authorities, nevertheless.

Claris Chitauro Video Reveals Maid Abused Child On Digital camera  

The maid abused the kid on the digital camera and has been run away from the spot. She has been acknowledged as Claris Chitauro hails from Zimbabwe. One of many watchers on Fb writes, “Is this baby ok n with her mother? This is so sick. I hope she gets what she deserves.”

Likewise, completely completely different hope the caretaker may be apprehended quickly, “Now that she is thought by recognizing, has she been detained already? Throw her in jail and throw away the keys.”

The video has raised livid and discontentment amongst the watchers and completely different individuals of South Africa and Zimbabwe. It has been reaching out to the individuals like a wildfire.


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