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Out of every possible crime, a mother killing her own children is certainly the most heinous. One such kind of shocking news is coming forward where it is reported that a woman named Claudia Camacho Duenas has been arrested after she was accused of stabbing her own children, aged 11, and 18 respectively. The news has shocked the entire residents of the area along with the nation as it is something that one can not even think of. Well, sadly, the incident has happened and has brought the attention of internet users.

Claudia Camacho Duenas

Claudia Camacho was arrested by Glenwood Springs police on Thursday afternoon. According to the officers, they were informed about the woman stabbing her children around 2:34 PM. Now, the 37-year-old woman has been detained by the officials and have been booked at the Garfield County Jail. As the news came to light, the two victims were immediately taken to the nearby hospital so that they can be treated properly.

Who Is Claudia Camacho Duenas?

However, the children reportedly were severely injured and they could not survive and unfortunately breathed their last in the hospital. Undoubtedly, the news has grabbed the eyeballs of the netizens and they have been expressing their outrage on the internet. As per the reports of the press release, officers quickly arrived at the scene and found the children with severe injuries. They tried to provide the victims lifesaving measures and then took them to the area’s hospital.

However, the victims couldn’t be saved and they succumbed to the injuries. It also came forward that a man was restraining the woman when the police arrived at the scene and he had no involvement in the crime. It also appeared that the initial assault took place within the apartment unit located at the 100 Block of Soccer Field Road while it continued to the parking lot. Reports claim that Duenas happens to be the biological mothers of the deceased children. As the incident happened, she was arrested and booked at the Garfield County Jail.

Police Chief of Glenwood Springs, Joseph Dera has stated that this type of crime is extremely unacceptable and uncharacteristic for the community and the first responders including fire and police have been affected by the incident personally. They offered condolences to the victims and mourned their deaths. Other than this, not much information about the incident has been disclosed by the Police Department yet. We will update you after getting any information about the case.

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