Who is Codi Bigsby missing from Hampton? the child disappeared

Cody’s father reported the four-year-old missing on January 31, 2022. After weeks of searching, this image provides a new point of reference.

HAMPTON, Va. — The Hampton Police Department has shared a new photo of Codi Bigsby, a four-year-old boy reported missing near Buckroe Beach.

Pictured is Cody in a striped shirt, black shorts and black sneakers. The police department tweeted the photo Tuesday afternoon, saying it was taken in June 2021.

After weeks of searching by police and community members, the image provides a new point of reference. The police department previously shared two other photos of Cody.

Codi’s father, Cory Bigsby, reported that the little boy went missing on the morning of January 31, 2022. Cory Bigsby told police that Codi was last seen at her home around 2am that morning.

In the days following Cody’s reported disappearance, the police department identified Cory Bigsby as an important figure in the case of his missing son. He was later charged with seven counts of endangering children unrelated to Cody’s disappearance.

Since Codi was reported missing, the police department has been working with several other agencies to try to locate him. The search effort began with a large-scale grid operation, but then shifted to an evidence- and intelligence-based investigation.

Due to popular demand, the police department has accepted volunteer groups to help with the search. Community residents continued to take to the sidewalk, encouraged by Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot as police concluded their investigation.

“I believe how many people decide to wander around in the woods and dig swamps and all that stuff,” Talbot said in a Feb. 15 news conference. “God bless you. Keep going.”

One of the groups that helped with the mission was W.A.T.E.R. Team Inc., a small nonprofit looking for Cody in the Hamptons, Norfolk, Williamsburg and York counties.

As the investigation continues, the police department is asking the public if anyone has seen Codi in the past three months and if anyone has a home camera near the Buckroe Pointe home.

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