Who is Daejhanae Jackson? Shanquella Robinson story triggers call for friends behind Mexico video to be imprisoned

Who is Daejhanae Jackson? Shanquella Robinson story triggers call for friends behind Mexico video to be imprisoned

On October 28, Shanquella Robinson left for Cabo, Mexico to vacation with her friends. Just 24 hours into the group’s arrival at the location, the businesswoman was murdered.

Trigger warning: The following article contains topics related to physical assault. Reader’s discretion is advised.


Since news of her death began circulating on the internet, a video of one of the friends beating up Shanquella prior to her death has surfaced online. In the video, Shanquella Robinson can be seen getting physically assaulted by a woman. Meanwhile, the victim remained naked. The friends who traveled with the victim remained in the room and recorded the brutal attack on their phones.

At one point in the video, a friend can be heard cheering on the aggressor, while another man said- “At least fight back.”

Since the video went viral, the names and pictures of the friends who accompanied the 25-year-old victim have appeared online. Many have expressed doubt over Khalil, Winter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins’ innocence.

Twitter users have also discovered that the woman who beat up Shanquella Robinson was allegedly Daejhanae Jackson. Several netizens have been circulating her images across social media.

It is important to note that netizens’ assumption of the aggressor being Jackson, has not been confirmed by the police.

Who is Daejhanae Jackson, the woman who allegedly assaulted Shanquella Robinson?

As the names of Robinson’s friends has found itself on the internet, the six are scrambling to remove their social media profiles. Although not much information about Jackson is available online, netizens uploaded an image of Daejhanae Jackson’s LinkedIn profile on Twitter.

As per her LinkedIn account, Daejhanae Jackson is an “aspiring healthcare professional.” Her profile also noted that she studied at Winston- Salem State University. The profile also revealed that she worked at Blue Rhino in Greensboro, North Carolina. As per the company’s official website, they are a “propane tank exchange brand.”

It remains unclear whether Jackson currently works at the organization, considering the amount of hate and traction she has amassed online.

Netizens rally for their friends to be imprisoned:

Internet users showed no remorse for the friend group. Many found their behavior and claims of what caused Robinson’s death to be vague. Netizens are convinced that their friends were behind the death of Shanquella Robinson. The video of Jackson allegedly beating up Robinson prior to her death did not help in their favor either.

Netizens demanded that the friends should be put behind bars following Robinson’s death. A few tweets read:

Shanquella Robinson’s parents were told that their daughter died of alcohol poisoning
Following Robinson’s death, her parents Salamondra and Bernard were told by Robinson’s friend Khalil, that she died of alcohol poisoning. However, after the victim’s family alerted the FBI over their daughter’s mysterious death, investigators found that Robinson did not die from the same.

In an interview, Salamondra revealed that the FBI found out that her daughter sustained a “broken neck and her spine in the back was cracked.”

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