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Who Is Danielle Bush? Watch Utah Jazz Dancer Proposal Viral Video By Her Boyfriend Instagram


Recently, a proposal video started to surface on the internet where a Utah Jazz dancer named Danielle Bush Got proposed By boyfriend, and the video or better say proposal video is being circulated on the internet post which everyone is spreading the viral clip and considering it as a romantic post. Well, there is no doubt that everyone in today’s modern era wants to make his or her love feel special as they are and they all do it very amazingly to show their love towards their partner.

Danielle Bush Boyfriend Name

Well, you must be keen to know that what is the video all about so, the scene begins at the basket court where a bunch of dancers represents themselves and suddenly the song changes and everyone except that girl started to dance where the girl named Danielle Bush gets confused that what should she do and thinks that perhaps she is doing it wrong and she starts matching her steps with rest of the dancers and suddenly the song changes again where she stops doing steps and suddenly a boy appears from the behind who runs towards her and knees down and it makes her blush and the boy proposes her, the entire scene got filmed and dropped on social media where the ongoing show proposal video is being loved by everyone.

Danielle Bush Viral Video

The other thing that is being searched is, what was the occasion where the dance performance was held. So, as you all know that recently Utah Jazz defeated Charlotte Hornets this Monday so the performers were celebrating the victory of their favorite team. However, the song suddenly got changed to Bruno Mars’ hit song, “Marry You” post which Danielle Bush’s co-dancers knew the choreography, even as she gets shocked, and tries to copy them, and just after a moment her boyfriend comes there and proposes her for the marriage.

Well, it was all pre-planned because her boyfriend talked before about it to the director of the dance crew. In an interview, Ashley Kelson Utah Jazz’s dance team director said that it was tough to get all the dancers away from Danielle Bush but she did not know that everyone was already planning for that proposal and they knew about it. Well, undoubtedly the entire scene was pretty amazing for both as you can see in the clip. Stay connected to get all the latest updates on the viral stuff.

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