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Who Is Danny Chalet? Antonio Brown Driver Video Going Viral On Instagram


Antonio Brown was not certain that he going to blow up his career with the Buccaneers as he was featuring in a driver’s Instagram story wherein he is smiling at the back seat of a New Jersy’s driver car. A few hours earlier Brown was engaged in the game with Tampa Bay but the match slipped out from their hand. The athlete then removed his shirt and left the feild in anger. Well, as of now the athlete has become the talk of the town with after an Instagram story posted by a New Jersey driver. Get more information on Who is Danny Chalet.

Who Is Danny Chalet? Antonio Brown Driver Video Going Viral On Instagram
Instead of hiring an Uber from the MetLife Stadium where his sideline got brokedown, the entire incident took place on 2 December 2021. Brown then decided to avail a driver who has met some of the NF:’s biggest stars. As we mentioned above that the incident fetched enourmous attention after the driver post this on Instagram wherein the 33 years old athlete was smiling at the backseat of his car. After the video went viral it came to know that driver identified as Danny Chalet belongs to New Jersey.

Who Is Danny Chalet?

If we talk more about the driver who is a Bloomfield natve whose clients include Odell Beckham Jr, Saxon Barkley, Jamal Adams, Brooks Koepka and some other significant personlities. He also posted a photo wherein he seems requesting a ride along with Brown on FaceTime. He stated “I’m there when my brother calls me.” Chalet wrote in post. Later the athlete was seen in a series of video wherin Chalet seen on the Facetime and behind him Brown was smiling. In another video the athlete seems sitting in a dark place and both are talking on camera.

Later, Brown also posted of himself in a Buccaneers Jersey on Instagram that fetched a huge number of on Instagram and caption with “(Big MAD making a difference) and appreciates him for the opportunity. After when Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians informed Fox Sports that sports person denied to enter the game when he asked him before storming off. “He is no longer a Buc, alright? That’s the end of the story,” Arians stated it in a postgame interview.

Brown’s video went viral on Twitter as well and reciving various kind of comments from al over. Both the driver and Brown are getting trolled on all of the vital social media souces. We will back to with more on this. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide updates.

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