Who is Darius Danesh? Is He Dead Or Alive? Incident Explained

Who is Darius Danesh? Is He Dead Or Alive? Incident Explained:  He’s the reality TV star everyone is talking about thanks to his unique and iconic Britney Spears rendition of “Baby Again.”But it’s still hard to believe that singer Darius Danesh has been on stage for 20 years now. The Scot, who wooed the pop star in 2001 for the superstar, is no longer an unknown hope from north of the border. The show itself was groundbreaking at the time, the first of its kind on British TV, and paved the way for the pop culture we know and love today.

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Before social media and 24-hour access to your favorite stars, Popstars turned its contestants into household names and opened the floodgates for modern-day giants like X Factor and The Voice, as well as its predecessor, Pop Idol, according to the Mirror.

During the Darius era, the Popstars show created winning band Hear’Say and runner-up Liberty X. Although the young Glasgow native failed to get into either band, the show changed his life forever.

Just a year later, he finished third ahead of Will Young and Gareth Gates, and the rest is history. After rejecting a contract with Simon Cowell, he scored five UK Top 10 singles, including his No. 1 hit “Colourblind” and platinum debut album “Dive In”.

He moved to the United States at the age of 22 and found love when he married Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge, becoming a stepfather to their two young sons in the process.

But their relationship has been rocky, according to Darius, 40, who said they went back and forth during their courtship.

“The relationship certainly wasn’t without its ups and downs. Over 12 years we broke up several times and had six months,” he previously told the Scottish Herald.

“Half of those are usually long-distance relationships. It’s a wonderful experience in itself, but also a painful one. When you love someone, you want to be with them.”

When they filed for divorce in 2013, Darius was devastated.

“I was very lost in the divorce and went through a period of sadness. You see, you don’t break up with one person, you break up with three people. In a way, it’s like death,” he added.

The breakdown of his marriage wasn’t the only heartache for the star in the mid-20s.

Ten years ago, his father, an Iranian-born gastroenterologist, received a Ph.D. Booth Danesh was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he has only three months to live.

In 2015, his Scottish GP, Avril Campbell Danesh, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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