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Who is David Nehdar, Lacey Chabert’s Husband – Obituary


We all know Lacey Chabert’s outstanding role in Hallmark movies. Chabert became famous as a child star, and later won millions of hearts as a mature actor. Lacey and husband David Nehdar have been married for many years.

Unlike his gorgeous wife, David does not participate in the entertainment industry. In addition, contrary to many celebrity spouses, David prefers to keep a low profile. His wife and actress Lacey also helped him maintain a sense of mystery among fans, because she rarely talks about her married life and husband in the media.

So today, we bring some must-know facts about David Nehdar.

Fans of Lacey Chabert have not tried to get to know her husband David for a long time. However, there is not much information about him on the Internet. Well, so far, many online websites have written articles about David, but a lot of false information about him has been spread.

There is no photo of Lacey’s husband David, however, many websites claim that he is another man. In fact, most photos on the Internet show Lacey’s screen husband.

When it comes to David’s occupation, there is no report. However, there are many articles claiming that he is an entrepreneur, which is also wrong. The only person who can reveal David is his wife Lacey, however, she currently fully protects her husband’s privacy.

David Nehdar and actress Lacey were married in 2013. According to reports, the couple tied the knot at an intimate wedding attended by friends and family on December 22, 2013. The actress got married during the holidays, so not many people knew that she was going to get married soon.

After the wedding, Lacey shared some photos that hinted at her important day. In addition, she announced in a tweet in early January 2014 that she was married. Check out her tweets.

Although Lacey announced her marriage, she did not reveal her husband’s name at the time, nor did she share her husband’s photo on social media. A few months later, Lacey said in an interview with People magazine that her husband was not in the entertainment industry and they wanted to keep his identity secret.

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