Who Is DeKalb Deputy? Fired and Arrested Under Charges of Trafficking & Rape

One of the police officers from the DeKalb County Police Department named Derrick Gardner had been fired and arrested after being accused of multiple crucial charges shocked the entire police department. The news went viral after the official alleged many henious charges including $ex trafficking and molestation. The complete information was provided by Sheriff named Melody Maddox when the case came to the lights on 6 February 2022, Monday. As the news started surfacing on the web the users get swamped searching more about the case. You will also get a lot of information here in this post. Get more information on why the DeKalb deputy was fired and arrested.

DeKalb deputy

As per the reports issued by some vital sources of information claimed that the 34 years old officer from Stone Mountain was detained some days back and proceeded to the DeKalb jail. In addition to this, he was booked in the prison even without bond. The sheriff informed that he was alleged with several charges including rape, assault, trafficking. It isn’t enough as the investigation also mentioned his involvement in child abuse. He was also accused of first-degree cruelty to children and got entertained. He even used to beat children while making physical relations with them.

Who Is DeKalb Deputy?

The officer had been terminated from his position after all this event, it is also shared by the county sheriff named Maddox took the email to share this information. Moreover, the spokesperson of the police department also provide some other crucial information when emergency services received a call reporting a rape case when the officer got arrested. However, there isn’t much available about details of the incident. It is being said that all the crimes committed by Gardner between Wednesday and Sunday. The arrest warrant was also issued for the former deputy last weekend.

In further investigation, it also came to know that another person named Lakreshia Brookins also got apprehended by the police department. There is not much information available on the person but he was also charged with second-degree cruelty to children stated by the investigation officer.

Gardner was designated as metro Atlanta deputy at the DeKalb County Police Department. He was serving the department for 3 years and 10 months as per the information. Before this, he was serving as a jailer and in November 2021 he was promoted to deputy. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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