Who is Derya Yalçınkaya, how old is she? What is the Müge Anlı Derya Yalçınkaya incident? Who killed Selim Yalçınkaya?

The murder of Selim Yalçınkaya came to the fore in the program of Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert, which was broadcast every weekday. Selim’s family blamed ex-wife Derya Yalçınkaya for the murder of their son. Müge Anlı, who went on the air with some documents today, caused the surprise of both the audience on the screen and the guests in the studio.


DERYA YALÇINKAYA?Derya Yalçınkaya, who came to the agenda in Müge Anlı, is the ex-wife of Selim Yalçınkaya. The social media sharing of Derya, which Selim’s family showed as the prime suspect, was confusing.

Derya Yalçınkaya’s post on TikTok on the day his wife was killed, with the hashtag ‘The dead laugh too’, aroused curiosity. Müge Anlı, who could not control her nerves from time to time in the live broadcast, said, “What kind of coincidence is this.

Both the dead laugh and it coincides with that day?” asked the question. Derya Yalçınkaya answered the question: “I was no different from the living dead.



Selim Yalçınkaya was killed in the garage of his house on August 11, 2022. After the absence of any rifles or cutting tools at the scene, the Forensic Medicine Institute focused on the fact that the murder may have occurred with iron or similar objects.

After the incident, Selim’s family, father of one, applied to Müge Anlı because they were suspicious of their former bride. Derya Yalçınkaya confessed in the program Tatlı Sert with Müge Anlı, which was broadcast on November 14.

Yalçınkaya said, “I lied in court because I was afraid, that they would not show me my child, but that photo belongs to me. It is true that I have photos with Erdoğan.”

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