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Who is Elizabeth Gaines Husband, Kevin Manuel? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, and more!


Today, we are going to talk about Elizabeth Gaines and his husband Kevin Manuel. Gaines is a famous businesswoman who has her husband’s support. Gaines is also very popular on social media and has a massive fan following over there. The couple is a successful personality in their respective career fields. The couple is quite supportive of each other. Currently, the couple is living a happy married life with each other. The netizens are searching online for the couple to know them better. People are also want to know their net worth. In this article, we are going to give you some essential details about Elizabeth Gaines and Kevin Manuel.

Elizabeth Gaines Husband, Kevin Manuel

Who is Elizabeth Gaines Husband, Kevin Manuel?

Elizabeth Gaines is a renowned Australian businesswoman and entrepreneur. She also served for the Fortescue Metals Group as the CEO. In 2018, she took over the position of CEO and become the first female CEO of the company. Elizabeth Gaines’ husband’s name is Kevin Manuel who is very supportive towards her. A job was offered to her husband in Europe. She resigned as the first CEO at Heytesbury and shifted to London. Her husband always supported her in her every decision and career.

Gaines’ husband’s job was expected to be for two years in London, but then it took almost eight years. The couple is still happily married and living their life together. Their relationship always remains a journey of rotating priorities. The whole family moved back to Australia when the time was for Gaines’ career. Despite being the CFO of Helloworld, she becomes part of Fortescue. From 2013 to 2018, she worked as the CFO and Executive Director for Fortescue. In February 2018, she become the CEO of the company.

As per the reports of Wallmine, the net worth of Elizabeth Gaines is $6,113, 520. She completed her schooling at Perth Modern School. She also attended Curtin University where she completed her graduation with B.Com in accounting and law. Later, she gained her master’s degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

Gaines has also served in many big organizations including, Stella Group and Entertainment Rights as a CFO. She also served as the CEO at Heytesbury Pvt. Ltd. as the CEO. In 2018, she started working for Helloworld where she first served as the CFO and then the CEO in April 2014. There is no information about their children. Elizabeth was born and bought up in remote Kimberley, Western Australia. She was born to Pat and Brian Gaines. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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